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Draguntome, by K. M. Plum (Review)

Set during the rule of the Black King in the midst of a Medieval world comes Draguntome, a unique fantasy novel. Here, we follow young Kalos as he is finally permitted to explore the world outside of his little village alongside his father.

Secrets and legends pave the way in this magical tale. Kalos’ journey sees him develop into a strong young man, though his character does at times display a youthful ignorance of his circumstances. His kind heart and steadfast hand when in battle make him a truly unique young man. His relationships with other characters are based on witty humour and shared fighting experience.

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The characters had an almost Scottish type of accent bleeding out through their speech, which was clearer in the older characters. The author’s use of imagery painted vivid pictures of the landscape, their use of language fitting for the Medieval time period, especially when it came to speech patterns.

This fast-paced tale showed incredible world-building skills on the author’s part. The characters held a lot of depth within and each had their own secrets and dreams. One of my favourites was Elana, a strong female Captain that has impeccable skill with blades. I loved her vibrant personality and the way in which she affected Kalos from the moment they met.

I loved the amount of action involved, including the epic sword fighting scenes. Although I wasn’t sure where the plot was leading, the action and back-story involved here were enough to have me turning the pages.

Rated 4 stars.
Recommended for lovers of Medieval Fantasy and tales involving knights and magic.

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Chromosomes, by Ashleigh Reynolds (Review)

515CS+Nl4qL._UY250_Emma only wants to make a new life for herself when she finds herself trapped with a hulking nightmare. I warmed to her character quickly, though at times I feel like she lost her inner fire. Her new companion, a giant teenage boy she nick-names Green Eyes, appears psychotic one moment and calm and sensitive the next.

The development of the pair’s friendship is beautifully crafted as the story progresses. Despite their extreme differences, they resolve to aid each-other in their quest for freedom. There is no shortage of action, gore, or surprises. This story felt like a whirlwind with its fast pace and demonstrated exactly why you should never judge a book by its cover.

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I would easily rate this 5 stars.

Recommended for lovers of Sci-Fi, Thrillers, and Fantasy.

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Renascence, by Leigh Goodison (Review)


The year 2072 sees a small crew of scientists on a voyage to bring back chemicals to a struggling Earth. Without them, all life on Earth could cease to exist. This was an imaginative science fiction read with plenty of action and head-scratching moments.

The main characters felt like a close-knit family and were all supportive of one another. Zeta (named after a Greek letter as are all crew members) is a strong female lead with the ability to pull through for herself and others in various dire circumstances. I found myself in awe of her strong will from the start and was on the edge of my seat, hoping for her efforts to prevail.

Author Leigh Goodison does a wonderful job of conveying their Dystopian world, along with its history dating up to the year 2072. This is a world where discrimination of all kinds has been banned. This may indicate the viewpoint of the author and if so, they have my sincerest respect.

With shocking twists and great tension-building, the race was on to see if the crew would return to Earth in time to salvage what was left of the human race.

I would rate this book 5 stars.

Recommended for fans of Sci-Fi, Dystopian, and Fantasy novels.

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The Impossible Creation, by Betsy Flak (Review)

The Impossible Creation 
follows a range of supernatural creatures, beginning with a pair of vampires as they stalk their latest prey. Duncan and Adara made for an odd couple and didn’t appear to share the same goals and ideals as we may expect those of the same minority to.

Out two main heroines are Lucy, a warrior and university student, and Grace, a young high-school student that has secretly been dating her best friend’s crush. I felt that Grace’s character had a lot more personality than Lucy. You could feel every one of Grace’s emotions as they developed, but Lucy remained quite difficult to read.

While some events felt a bit disjointed from each other, rest assured that this book comes to a surprising and dramatic conclusion that makes this read worth the wait.

I would rate this 3.5 stars.
Recommended for fans of Young Adult Fantasy and Paranormal novels.

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Love and Bullets: A Sam Smith Mystery (Review)

Love and Bullets: A Sam Smith Mystery, by Hannah Howe:

From talented mystery author Hannah Howe comes Book Two of The Sam Smith Investigative Mysteries, Love and Bullets. Set in Cardiff, we follow Sam through the aftermath of having shot dead a notorious criminal.

26598325Sam is a complex and at times volatile individual that is more vulnerable than she first appears. She was easy for me to relate to, with a down to earth personality and a scarred past.

I found this to be a good length read with a steady pace and intriguing plot. Ruth, the wife of a wealthy professor whom Sam is hired to protect, was beyond infuriating. Her character represented all that I hate in a person, from bigotry to racism and worse besides. It was easy to wish the worst on her without feeling a shred of remorse for the character.

With deranged psychiatry patients, plenty of gunfights, action and humour, this made for a truly amazing sequel. Sam is an enigma- the real mystery of this gripping series. I intend to follow her journey to the end and hope that her character is able to find solace in a brighter tomorrow.

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I would rate this book as 5 stars.
Recommended for lovers of mystery and crime novels.

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Out of Body, by Christopher John Chater (Review)

22 year old Harley lost his parents in a car crash when he was 12, a crash that changed his life in more ways than one. We join Harley 10 years later at university as he searches for answers regarding the afterlife and the white light he saw on the night of the crash.


Death is a key theme and helps to immediately hook the reader from the start- ‘I died that day. Twice.’ Harley’s need to uncover the truth about the afterlife leads to drama and the destruction of the life he has built for himself. His quirky style of humour had me in stitches at times and made him a rather likable character. When he succeeded in his trials, I felt as though I’d shared in that success. The same applies to Harley’s failings.

Out of Body is a dark, gripping read that talks in depth about astral projection, a unique ability whereby someone can leave their own body and have their spirit travel in the astral realm. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and would gladly read this book again and again.


My rating: 5 stars.

I would recommend this to lovers of dark fantasy and thrillers.







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Deamhan , by Isaiyan Morrison (Review)

Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal
First Published: August 12th 2013

In the wake of nightmarish creatures and a secret order named The Brotherhood, comes Deamhan, a tale of one young woman’s journey to uncover the truth behind her mother’s disappearance.


With key themes of loss, as well as good vs evil, I found Deamhan to be intriguing, with a unique style of writing that fed my imagination. I found it easy to empathize with Veronica and could understand the pain she suffered from her father’s cruel and detached disposition.

This is one of those stories where you’ll find yourself wondering who the real heroes are. Will they be the obvious choice or will the supposed do-gooders be the real force of evil instead?

I found the idea of the four Deamhan clans to be interesting, each with their own powers when it came to attracting their prey and initiating a feed. The author’s world held a great amount of depth and made for an entertaining read.

I would rate this book 5 stars.

Recommended for lovers of Fantasy and Paranormal adventures.



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Proof, by Ted. D. Berner (Favourite Book of 2017)

Okay, I’ll start by saying that I loved the concept for this book 100 percent. If you know me well, then you’ll know that I’m a sucker for anything related to Ancient Mythology. Author Ted. D. Berner was reading through The Bible when he came across a verse that stumped him. Did they really mention giants in the bible? Surely, there is and never was such a thing, or was there?


In Proof, (a fictional novel surrounding this one biblical verse and The little-known Book of Enoch) young Ty Larson is adamant to uncover the truth of such a mysterious legend. Where did these giants originate and who were they?

Science strolls hand in hand with belief in a tale that hooked me from beginning to end. I believe the author to be quite the intellectual as such a demeanour has most certainly rubbed off on Ty as a character.

High stakes and fast paced action had me turning the pages, hungry for more mystery, mythology, and mayhem. I would recommend this to readers aged 13+ who enjoy Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and books with mythological back stories.

This has been my favourite read of the year so far.

Rated 5/5 stars. It’s a shame I can’t rate it any higher.

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SYMBIOTE Cover Reveal: 6 days & Counting

Good morning from a rare, sunny England.

I’m ecstatic that the majority of my city voted Labour
in the UK General Election, but I’m also excited to
announce that the Symbiote cover reveal has just six
days to go!

SYMBIOTE Cover Reveal Teaser
Symbiote is coming soon. June 15th marks the day of our official cover reveal event on facebook.

Check out the Facebook event today

I can’t wait to share this amazing new cover art with all of you.
I hope you’re all geared up for the weekend and look forward
to connecting with more of you soon.



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Broken Branches (A Hideaway Fall Novel)

Joining Hideaway Fall’s Reviewing Team

A few months ago, I found myself approached by a quirky publishing company
named Hideaway Fall. Why? To become a member of their reviewing team.

A few weeks later, I received this amazing package full of cool Hideaway Fall gifts.
A few more weeks followed and the first novel arrived in the post,
Broken Branches by M. Jonathan. Lee.

Broken Branches, by M. Jonathan. Lee:

Published by the unique Hideaway Fall comes Broken Branches, a remarkable tale of an ancient family curse. Ian Perkin’s story is told through a reliable third person perspective. As a loving husband and father, he seeks to uncover the truth of the curse that has plagued his family for generations.

Author M. Jonathan. Lee has a way with expression and imagery, drawing particular attention to the gnarled tree in Ian’s family garden, which becomes a character in its own right. It acts as a sinister metaphor throughout the novel, a symbol of the family’s curse.


At times, Ian’s character appears vulnerable, left emotionally scarred by the loss of family members
over the years. At other times, he stands as a courageous father figure, hell-bent on solving the mystery
of the family curse and any obstacles that may arise.

This was a dark and sinister tale that held my attention from the first page. If you enjoy stories
shrouded in mystery, deeper meaning, with sudden twists and good tension building, then
I would recommendBroken Branches.

My rating? 5 stars.

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September Sky (A Review)

September Sky by John. A. Heldt

john.jpgSeptember Sky takes the idea of time travel to a whole new level. In this thrilling adventure, reporter Charles Townsend and son Justin are offered the chance of a lifetime by an eccentric Professor Bell. The story was believable and recounted several types of transitional periods that we experience in life. The writing style flowed well and conveyed every subtle emotion of the main characters.

Strong females are a welcome addition to this tale, which is set for the most part in the early 1900s. In a time where sexism is rife, we are given a rare glimpse of those few individuals that could rise up amongst their male oppressors and make a life for themselves.

I really did feel as though I had travelled back in time with Chuck and Justin. This was a charming tale of love, life, and new opportunities.

My rating: 5 stars.

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