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Draguntome, by K. M. Plum (Review)

Set during the rule of the Black King in the midst of a Medieval world comes Draguntome, a unique fantasy novel. Here, we follow young Kalos as he is finally permitted to explore the world outside of his little village alongside his father. Secrets and legends pave the way in this magical tale. Kalos' journey sees him develop into a strong young man, though his character does at times display a youthful ignorance of his… Continue reading Draguntome, by K. M. Plum (Review)

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Chromosomes, by Ashleigh Reynolds (Review)

Emma only wants to make a new life for herself when she finds herself trapped with a hulking nightmare. I warmed to her character quickly, though at times I feel like she lost her inner fire. Her new companion, a giant teenage boy she nick-names Green Eyes, appears psychotic one moment and calm and sensitive the next. The development of the pair's friendship is beautifully crafted as the story progresses. Despite their extreme differences, they… Continue reading Chromosomes, by Ashleigh Reynolds (Review)

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Renascence, by Leigh Goodison (Review)

The year 2072 sees a small crew of scientists on a voyage to bring back chemicals to a struggling Earth. Without them, all life on Earth could cease to exist. This was an imaginative science fiction read with plenty of action and head-scratching moments. The main characters felt like a close-knit family and were all supportive of one another. Zeta (named after a Greek letter as are all crew members) is a strong female lead… Continue reading Renascence, by Leigh Goodison (Review)

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The Impossible Creation, by Betsy Flak (Review)

The Impossible Creation follows a range of supernatural creatures, beginning with a pair of vampires as they stalk their latest prey. Duncan and Adara made for an odd couple and didn't appear to share the same goals and ideals as we may expect those of the same minority to. Out two main heroines are Lucy, a warrior and university student, and Grace, a young high-school student that has secretly been dating her best friend's crush. I… Continue reading The Impossible Creation, by Betsy Flak (Review)

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Love and Bullets: A Sam Smith Mystery (Review)

Love and Bullets: A Sam Smith Mystery, by Hannah Howe: From talented mystery author Hannah Howe comes Book Two of The Sam Smith Investigative Mysteries, Love and Bullets. Set in Cardiff, we follow Sam through the aftermath of having shot dead a notorious criminal. Sam is a complex and at times volatile individual that is more vulnerable than she first appears. She was easy for me to relate to, with a down to earth personality… Continue reading Love and Bullets: A Sam Smith Mystery (Review)