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Breaking Free, by Caleb Monroe (Fantasy Review)

This was a story I found myself able to relate to straight away. What few people may know about me is that I used to be an agoraphobic and didn’t leave the house for close to three straight years, except on very rare occasions when accompanied by someone close to me.

In Breaking Free, Jacob (an agoraphobic man) encounters a strange mythical beast known as a Griffin, which he soon befriends. I found Jacob’s second person narration to be well constructed and unique. The book was full of action and moved quickly, with dramatic peaks that had me glued to the page.

Jacob’s bond with young Griffin, Shadow is that of best friends. The love and understanding that passes between them is nothing short of extraordinary. When it came to the ending, I wasn’t too sure what to think. It went on a strange tangent and although tangents don’t normally phase me, the way this particular ending was crafted had me rather confused.

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This was a heartfelt tale with many dramatic twists that I feel fans of mythology and fantasy will love.

I give this a rating of 3.5 stars as the formatting of the e-book was rather poor and did make it quite difficult to read. Overall, a short, sweet yet dramatic tale about overcoming past trauma and fighting for what is right.

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The Boy Who Lit Up the Sky: The Two Moons of Rehnor, by J. NAOMI. AY

The Story of a Powerful Outcast

The Boy Who Lit up the Sky is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel that follows the life of half Mishnese, half Karupatani crown-Prince, Senya. With strange silvery eyes and behaviour that leaves much to be desired, Senya soon begins to gain the attention of both moons of Rehnor.

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Our main protagonists are Senya and (though she is introduced half-way through) a human girl named Katie. Katie’s innocence and trusting nature made her a sharp contrast to Senya’s more rough and tumble attitude, with his strong survival skills and knowledge of both the streets and royal life. Both characters were likeable and I found myself hoping they would get to meet sooner than later. Senya changes so much over the course of the novel, going from a silent, unruly street urchin that would sooner stab than speak to you, to a wise and compassionate leader in the making.

The story moved swiftly and was full of emotion. The use of language was good, though there were a few typos (nothing major.) The storyline was dramatic and held my attention at every point, though I feel that a sequel would work to tie up any loose ends.

Quote: ‘The Devil could have given him those weird powers, blind silver eyes, and fangs.’

I loved this book more than words can say, although the people’s initial treatment of Senya was harsh and made me pity him. As indicated in the quote above, many viewed him as a monster, some unholy demon come to plague them. I quickly identified with Senya’s character as I have also experienced what it’s like to be an outcast, struggling to fit in even though you don’t wish to. His mysterious eyes, aloof personality made him ever-more intriguing.

‘Senya’s eyes flashed like a laser and then, so help me, he was gone.’

I do feel that the book could have been partitioned better in order to properly separate different character perspectives from one-another, but overall this was an enjoyable read that I think will bring readers hours of entertainment. I experienced a world like no other I’d read about before and I’m hoping that upon reading this, others will think twice before starting to judge someone.

I rate this book 5 stars.

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Awakening Alexa, by Racheal Lachman:


This short but compelling tale sees devoted wife Alexa questioning her marriage. From the very start, the reader must ask themselves why her marriage is at risk. I myself was intrigued by the potential answer.

Although this story was no more than 70-80 pages, it really did pack a hefty emotional punch. The narration was intelligent, with the perfect choice of wording to hook the reader into the story.

A strange series of dreams plague Alexa and lead to an ending I did not expect. I’m hoping that the author is planning a sequel as I would like to learn more about Alexa and her world.


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I would happily rate this book as 4/5 stars.

I read it in one sitting and loved every moment. There were some examples of incorrect word usage, making the odd sentence hard to understand, but this is a minor nuisance and didn’t distract from the story as a whole.

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Rotten Magic (Fantasy PROMO)

Rotten Magic, by Jeffrey Bardwell


GENRE: fantasy/steampunk
SERIES: The Artifice Mage Saga, Book 0.5

BLURB: Devin will do anything to win. Even resort to magic.

Devin competes to become the best artificer in the mage phobic Iron Empire. Who needs magic when you can master the art of machinery? The other apprentices envy his genius and skills . . . especially Benson. Every apprentice hones their craft building and fighting in crude prototypes of powered armor. Some add frills, others barbs or horns. When Devin transforms himself into a mechanical dragon to slaughter the competition, Benson steps into the role of dragon slayer.


But Devin harbors a secret as he claws his way to the top of the Artificer’s Guild: he’s a mage. These new abilities are thrilling and frightening, and the voices more so. How long can Devin be content wearing a steel dragon mask when the seductive promise of true arcane power whispers in his ear?


Experience the prequel to the Artifice Mage Saga: a fantasy steampunk brawl of metal vs. magic where sorcery is bloody, science is greasy, and nobody’s hands are clean.


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Cry of the Sea (Fantasy Review)

Cry of the Sea, by D. G. Driver:

Juniper seeks to find her own path in life, but her activist parents have other plans. When her father takes her to clean up an oil spill, the pair make a discovery that will change the world.

I loved, loved, loved Juniper’s character. Her American-Indian beauty, in addition to her level of maturity and sarcastic sense of humour had me hooked. She’s definitely the kind of person I would befriend in real life. Her passion and determination make her a force to be reckoned with, presenting her as a strong female role model.

Juniper’s comedic style helped to lighten tense moments, of which there were plenty. She has a profound effect on other characters and their way of thinking that I admire.

As for her best friend Hayley, I found myself shying away from her. Although she appears sweet at first, she seems like the sort of girl that will do anything to get a leg up on the rung of the popularity ladder. There were several times when I wanted to slap some sense into Hayley’s character as she aggravated me that much.



I did love how the plot developed. The writing had a steady pace that held my attention and the drama with the leaked secrets had me on the edge of my seat, making me wonder what the outcome of everything would be.

Did I have any dislikes with this story?

Well, besides from Hayley’s character and her back-stabbing, I didn’t like the way that Juniper’s parents tried to force their views and careers on her. Their refusal to listen to her opinions on the matter was a situation that I could relate to.

I’d rate this as 5 stars and would recommend it to avid readers of urban fantasy, as well as to those who are passionate about the environment and its preservation.

Cry of the Sea is a moving tale of passion, beliefs, and incredible discoveries.




Thanks for reading my review of Cry of the Sea.

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The Fallen Knighthood (Guest Post)



Nobody mourns the collapse of chivalry as they should. The regression of knights from their historical roles as mounted heroes, nobles, and stewards of the king’s justice to common gutter trash riding in wrinkled, red uniforms is a symptom of a greater disease. When we lost our knights in shining armor, we lost that which shines within ourselves.




It was not always thus, although few now are old enough to remember. But I can still close my eyes and feel the warm breeze on my back, hear the pennons snapping in the wind, smell the scent of oiled leather, and see the sun shining off that brilliant, burnished armor as the knights paraded down the street, waving to the crowd. I must have been a lad of five or six, but the memory lingers.

The sun set that day and never rose again. The knights rode to battle one last time, perchance to kill an upstart duke for the glory of their monarch. But now that duke sits upon the throne, a cold chair washed in the blood of our king while the blood of our knights polishes the flagstones at his feet.

We have replaced a kingdom with an empire, glory with greed, and chivalry with cavalry. When the imperial soldiers ride through the streets, it is no gay parade, but a grim patrol. The neighboring kingdoms fear us now, and well they should, for we have conquered two of them and soon we shall conquer the rest. Only Corel, by the grace of her dragons and her mountains, remains secure. But the others? Farse, the land of Graceful Mountains? Kindar, the quiet Kingdom by the Sea? They are shackled to the empire, reduced to mere provinces.

Remember the knights. Remember the brilliant knights in shining armor. A darkness is spreading across the land and we will never shine again.

The empire is harsh to those who refuse to conform. The Artifice Mage is coming. Will he bring new light to the empire or his own brand of darkness?



Look out for Book 0.5 of The Artifice Mage Saga (PROMO post & Giveaway coming soon!)

TITLE: Rotten Magic     |     AUTHOR: Jeffrey Bardwell     |     GENRE: fantasy/steampunk
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Shadow Eyes (A YA Fantasy Review)

Iris has seen shadows for the past three years of her life and since then, her life has been one dramatic train-wreck after another.

The story starts off in a mysterious way, having the reader question why Iris hates her  own birthday. What could possibly be that bad?

15733491.jpgThe presence of light figures as well as shadows gives the reader a sense of good vs evil. While it made for an intriguing concept, I have read several books very similar to this one.

What was refreshing about Iris’ character was her unique violet eyes. I have yet to read about another character with such features (with the exception of the witches in Roald Dahl’s famous children’s classic.)

As Iris battles the growing maze of shadows in her life, we see her at war with her own emotions. Two teen boys battle for her attention, which while somewhat unoriginal, always makes for good drama.
Although I found the story interesting as a whole and couldn’t stop turning the pages, there was one thing that made me dislike Iris’ character.

The treatment of Sam’s character (though he only plays a minor role) made me want to slap her.  With Iris being a bit of an outcast herself with her abilities, you would think she’d be kinder to those that are different. Instead, her character showed a rather judgemental side that didn’t feel like her at all.

Would I recommend this book? Probably, depending on a reader’s preferences. If you enjoy Urban Fantasy with teen drama, then yes, I probably would recommend.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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Zephyr: The West Wind (Book One), by R. J. Tolson


I was amazed to discover, having finished this book, that author R. J. Tolson is just eighteen years of age. Zephyr’s story is a complex one, one of loss, vengeance, greed, and ancestry. It is a true credit to the author.

517p-0wwM5L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgHaving finally completed his three trials into adulthood, seventeen year old Zephyr is sent on a special quest, which leads him to discover new friends and foes. R. J. Tolson’s first person narrative is friendly and holds a personal tone, as if Zephyr were confiding in the reader like a friend or journal, holding nothing back. Their style is descriptive, yet does not waste words.

I enjoyed the plot and found it fast-moving, with plenty of twists and turns, in addition to deadly secrets. The characters were well-rounded and for the most part, likeable. We see Zephyr develop from a shy young outcast, into a strong and courageous young warrior that will stop at nothing to save what he holds dear.

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What I liked most about Zephyr’s story was the imagination behind the complex magical system. I found myself willing magic to be real once more as I did back in my childhood. The principles and inner-workings of the magic were easy to understand and beautifully described.

I was also particularly taken with the idea of a soul mirror, a paradise where a few hours in real time can be weeks within the mind.

As far as dislikes, I had but one. I hated Leon’s character from the start and never grew to like him.

Overall, this was a thrilling tale by a talented young author. I would recommend this to any book lover, no matter what your preferred genre.

Rated  5 out of 5 stars.

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Secrets Cover Reveal, by Bella Emy

Good morning from a drizzly England. I hope you’re all A-Okay.  🙂

18471499_413350395717650_510766015_n.jpgToday, I would like to share with you from a favourite author friend of mine, the incredible Bella Emy. Bella specializes in the Romance genre, bringing life to a multitude of unforgettable characters and gripping story-lines.

Madly typing away at a desk or cuddled up in a corner reading are the most common places where you’ll find Bella Emy. Writing started something special within her that she just could no longer stay away from.

Some of her favorites authors these days include: Nicholas Sparks, Kristin Hannah, and Lili St. Germain. Bella Emy also loves discovering new authors. One thing that she always says is that if she’s not writing, she’s reading, and if she’s not reading, she writing!

Are You Ready for this?


Bella Emy

From her very early teen years, Bella Emy has always had a fondness of writing.In this compilation of poems, you will find some of her earliest works.She has handpicked each one of her favorites to share with you!

Here it is…

Thank you for joining us today.

Have an awesome weekend and keep on reading.  🙂

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Devil’a Blood, by B. B. Morgan (Review)

Alice Malone, branded the best thief in all of Bell City, is about to
have her world turned upside-down. When a heist goes wrong,
she will be forced to befriend her enemies and must re-consider
the values that she holds dear.

516yF-GdbmL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgThis was one of those ‘take it or leave it’ reads for me. I did love the concept as a whole, with the devil’s blood lending people unique and at times terrifying super-abilities.

Malone’s character was particularly fascinating and although I didn’t relate well to her, I did admire her level of determination and courage in the face of danger.

There wasn’t much to dislike in my opinion, although I felt that some of the main characters could have been more well-rounded, e.g. Clearwater. Such characters lacked depth and were difficult to read.

Other than that, the story was sound, with an intriguing plot that kept me reading. I did note that there were quite a few missing connective words mid-sentence, which if fixed would improve the overall quality of the reader’s experience.

All in all, this was a fun, action-packed tale that will have me on the lookout for the sequel, as well as other works from B. B. Morgan.

Superb and imaginative.

My rating: 3.5 Stars
(Light editing really is needed for those missing connective words as there were a LOT.)