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Harkworth Hall (YA Mystery Review)

Harkworth Hall, by L. S. Johnson: Harkworth Hall, set in England of 1752, is a young adult mystery novel that follows Caroline Daniels, the daughter of a long-standing widow. While her father expects her to marry, as is expected of all fine ladies, Caroline’s brash attitude and boyish curiosity lead her down a different path. This was a book I just could not put down. The writer had me hooked from start to finish, with… Continue reading Harkworth Hall (YA Mystery Review)

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The Warlock’s Nemesis (A Fantasy Review)

The Warlock’s Nemesis, by Alena Des: Betrayal, Magic, Undying Love. ‘The Warlock’s Nemesis is a rare jewel of a book.’   In The Warlock’s Nemesis, a fantasy novel, we follow young Alice through a series of unexpected and truly remarkable events. The novel begins with a mysterious conversation, followed by a virus which spreads through the human population like wildfire. It’s a good thing there are witches and warlocks to heal them…for now. As a… Continue reading The Warlock’s Nemesis (A Fantasy Review)

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30th Century Escape (A Sci-Fi Review)

30th Century Escape, by Mark Kingston Levin: From Mark Kingston Levin comes a sci-fi novel that not only inspires, but warms the heart. When Jennifer Hero (resident of the thirtieth century and fierce leader) sends her team back to the twenty-   seventh century to save all naturals, she is instead drawn back to the twenty-first century, where a multitude of secrets await.   Centred around the islands of Hawaii and Tahiti, Jennifer finds herself shipwrecked and… Continue reading 30th Century Escape (A Sci-Fi Review)

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Sleep Savannah Sleep, by Alistair Cross (Pre-Release Review)

When Jason and his two children move to Shadow Springs for a fresh start, their world begins to change for the worse. With strange, seductive neighbours and missing persons, the town seems less than welcoming. I found the foreshadowing of coming events to be well constructed and adored Jason as a character. He appears to be a kind and loyal man that will stop at nothing until justice is served. I got a spooky vibe… Continue reading Sleep Savannah Sleep, by Alistair Cross (Pre-Release Review)

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Rotten Magic (Fantasy Review)

Rotten Magic, by Jeffrey Bardwell: In the year 491, young Devin dreams of becoming a Journeyman, but fate has something-else in store. Throughout the book, we’re presented with two voices in Devin’s head, viewed as entirely separate entities. These are ‘The Mage’ and ‘The Artificer.’ While one voice appears to encourage magical antics, the other is strongly opposed to such sorcery. Devin is an intriguing character. He enjoys time alone, no doubt due to childhood… Continue reading Rotten Magic (Fantasy Review)