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30th Century Escape (A Sci-Fi Review)

th Century Escape, by Mark Kingston Levin:

From Mark Kingston Levin comes a sci-fi novel that not only inspires, but warms the heart. When Jennifer Hero (resident of the thirtieth century and fierce leader) sends her team back to the twenty-


seventh century to save all naturals, she is instead drawn back to the twenty-first century, where a multitude of secrets await.



Centred around the islands of Hawaii and Tahiti, Jennifer finds herself shipwrecked and is lucky to be rescued by a group of friendly natives. From there on, she begins to suspect that she’s been here in the twenty-first century before. As a character, I found her to be beyond sweet, hard working, intelligent, brave, and with an inquisitive nature that I adored. She proves herself to be a true leader and handles new situations with grace and courage. Her relationship with Marty (a twenty-first century native man) is one that warmed my heart every step of the way.

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We follow Jennifer on a journey of exploration and self-discovery, both regarding her ancestry and her sexuality. I would recommend that only those over the age of eighteen read this book due to the number of mature sexual scenes involved.

The more of Jennifer’s tale we read, the more we are drawn into a world where time travel is possible. This is a concept I’ve always been fascinated by and I believe the author did an amazing job at infusing the story with such scientific ideas.

It is Jennifer’s self-determination that sees time travel become a reality. She proves herself to be a resourceful heroine as her surname suggests and through time travel, she is able to uncover a series of long forgotten secrets, each aiding our understanding of her past.

One f
eature I disliked about the novel was the inclusion of tiny, seemingly irrelevant photos. These made the book appear tacky and I would personally have removed them so that the work could speak for itself. I also thought that the plot began to lose its way after the first half, branching into near-constant (and graphic) sex scenes, which involve several instances of group sex. I found myself wondering where on earth the plot was going.

I would give this book 3 out of 4 stars as it did hook me and involved childhood passions of mine such as time travel and archaeology. Our heroine is an incredible and talented individual that will stop at nothing to help her fellow man. However, I felt that the upheaval of the plot was a major point that I could not overlook.

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