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Fantasy Books 411
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Embrace the Weird & Wonderful.
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Daccari Buchelli.
Libra (Balance)
Age: 24 (18/10/1993)
Gender: Male (Trans)
Faith: Paganism
Loves: Animals, Art & Literature,
Video Games, Photography.


Good day fellow bookworm.
My name is Daccari (Dax to friends) and I’m a 24 year old book blogger, reviewer, and author.

I currently live in England with my fiance and our scruffy pup, Sam.
Do I like living here? It’s okay for now, but my partner and I dream of moving to Japan.

What Do I Write?

I craft fantasy and thriller novels for Young adults as they’ve always been my favourite genres to read.

In addition to this, I also enjoy blogging and reviewing a wide range of fiction novels.

Our Beliefs here at Fantasy Books 411

  • Books strengthen us emotionally.
  • All people should be treated with respect.
  • Everyone deserves to be their own, authentic self.
  • Do no harm to others and no harm shall befall you.
  • The environment is a living organism that we must cherish.

What We Do

We aim to bring book lovers together, to share thoughts on their favourite reads.

I developed an early passion for reading and devour every book I find.

I’m a big supporter of the National Autistic Society and the LGBT+ community. I believe that every one of us is unique and beautiful in our own way, and that we should be celebrated for our personal achievements.

There’s so much that can be learned from reading. Whether you’re looking to dive into a magical wonderland or to peer into the darker side of Fantasy, we welcome you to our humble corner of the internet.



At Fantasy Books 411,you can find:

  • Book Reviews
  • New Artwork
  • Giveaways
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  • Book Excerpts
  • Author Interviews
  • Upcoming Releases
  • Reading Recommendations

Whether you love sword and sorcery, werewolves, vampires,
dragons, or Fae Courts, we’ll help you find your ideal read.

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