You can call me Daccari Buchelli (or DAX for short.)
Age: 23 (Born OCT 18th 1993)
Loves: Animals, Art & Literature, Video Games

I live in the East of England and spend most of my time writing novels aimed at Young adults, as well as reviewing the works of other Authors.

I created Fantasy Books 411 in the hopes that fellow Fantasy lovers will come together to share thoughts and opinions on their favourite Fantasy reads.

I developed a passion for reading at an early age and have since been an avid bookworm. I devour every book I get my hands on and love to connect with other buzzing bookworms.

I’m a supporter of the National Autistic Society, along with the LGBT+ community, and maintain the view that although there may be differences in the world, such uniqueness is beautiful and should be celebrated in its entirety.

I think there’s always more that can be learned from reading or writing something new. Whether you’re looking to dive into a magical wonderland or to peer into the darker side of Fantasy, welcome and I hope you have a magnificent day.

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