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Adam, by Shari Sakurai (Sci-Fi Review)

Set in London of 2115, where a troublesome new council reigns over all, we follow young Adam, a genetically-engineered ‘perfect’ son. Yet, Adam is far from perfect in his father’s eyes.

Adam presents as a mentally unstable young man who craves affection and understanding. His third person perspective seems cold and calculating at first, painting him as a villain, before we eventually get to know his character better. I felt great sorrow for Adam at times as he only appears to seek two things in life- love and approval.

The story itself was dark, with plenty of tension and a cime-driven plot. It moves quickly, seeing us from one drama to the next. Non-stop action, betrayal, and secrets circle Adam.
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I would recommend to lovers of crime and thrillers.
Rated 4 stars.

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