Scanner Combines Vision with Robotics to Digitise Book Archives

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So, what’s this about a Self-Learning AI?

As of March 13th 2018, a new-age scanner was designed to combine vision with robotics, in order for it to digitise book archives.

Although at first, such a breakthrough in robotics would be celebrated, I’m a little bit wary with the idea of a piece of Artificially Intelligent technology reading thousands to millions of fiction titles.


I mean, think about it.

These fiction titles, which include things such as gruesome murders, sexual abuse, crazy fantasy adventures, imagined mythical creatures, will all be processed, absorbed, and permanently learned by this new-age scanner-AI.
Now, I don’t know about you, but…
This article got me to thinking (see original article at the bottom of the page) : If this AI is learning about Murder, Abuse, Magical Wonderlands & the like, then what’s to stop it from learning that behaviour, and beginning to adopt it as its own.

I know what you may be thinking (if you’ve seen the Terminator films) :
Are we entering the true age of SKYNET?!

Teneketzis, a collaborator of the founder, George Pistikos added:
‘The machine vision techniques will be one of our main focus areas for the product. New capabilities – like grabbing based on image or pattern recognition – are going to be introduced.’

Well, from this moment on, anything is possible, and with image scanning, it could only get worse.


The first learning AI (I have ever come across) now launching means that there’s always the danger of it learning for itself.

Think about our brains (as humans) & how we learn:

When we learn new things, we remember them. From then on, we use our new knowledge in our daily lives.

Why Should This AI Be Any Different?

We Compare another Species’ Thinking to our Own!


So, with that in mind, us giving an artificial machine our human capability to learn, grow, and change is madness.

A robot learning, thinking, and reacting based on the average human brain?

That’s Just Insane!

If we had no emotional capacity (like AI’s), then reading through millions of fiction books (be they thriller, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, self-help, etc) would most likely end up with us attempting everything we’ve ever leaned about.

This would include things such as:

  • Serious crimes (Murder, theft, adultery.)


But, as these AIs don’t have any capacity for emotion, any good things that would be learned (while also acted out) would only be one half of a very destructive coin.

Bad actions that are learned have a far bigger impact each time they happen (the other half of the coin, as it were.)

So, what do you think will happen ~ as a result of this self-learning AI?

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