Before You Paint Me Black & White

Good morning fellow booklovers,

Today’s blog post will be a little different, but if you’re
willing to read it, I will be forever in your debt. ♥

This morning, my partner showed me an article that made me feel sick.
I wanted to cry, to scream and shout because this particular article targeted
a minority that I belong to.

However, I wasn’t angry for the reason most people would assume.
I was angry because a Transgender person thought they could force somebody
else to kiss them (and on LIVE TV, no less!)

NO! NO! NO!!

It doesn’t matter WHO you are, you have NO right to force someone to kiss you, or to force them to do anything else against their will.

This article upset me because it paints all Transgender people in a bad light, insinuating that we’re all about to force our tongues and identities down people’s throats.


But all publicity is good publicity, right?


This type of publicity honestly makes me hate my identity. I know that I shouldn’t, but
when one of our own LGBT+ community members goes and does something like
this, then the entire community feels the backlash of their actions.

While I will not be linking to the original article (for personal reasons), seeing so many
comments fuelled by hatred and mis-understanding made me feel like a monster, even though I had no part in this event.

That so many people can view me, and people like myself as an ‘IT’, a ‘Mentally Ill Individual’, a ‘HE-SHE,’ amongst other disgusting slurs, had tears rolling down my cheeks.

Not every Transgender person is the same and a lot of us just want to lead quiet, boring lives without hassle or risk of danger to ourselves.

Words hurt- a LOT! 

No-one should have to feel as though they shouldn’t exist, to have their identity mocked and scorned by thousands of people who refuse to try and understand.

BUT,  neither should ANYONE be forced into something they don’t want to do. Not everyone will want to kiss a transgender individual, let alone a STRANGER on LIVE TV, and it would be wise for those in the LGBT+ community who think otherwise to seriously consider what they believe in, because NO forced intimacy is okay!

Thank you for reading this article. I’m sorry if it seemed a little ranty toward the end.

Please, keep yourselves safe, no matter who you are or how you identify, and try to learn to love one-another.





2 Replies to “Before You Paint Me Black & White”

  1. True, forced intimacy is wrong ! It does not matter who forces who, a NO is a NO. The way people view transgenders is disgusting ! On one hand they are shouting about equality and on the other they turn their faces or wrinkle their noses whenever this topic comes up. I guess it’s time, that people actually learn to ‘grow up’ not theoretically but practically too !

    1. I agree with you about people, for want of a better word, needing to ‘grow up.’ However, I’m not sure where ‘Forced Intimacy’ came into this, unless of course I’ve forgotten something in my own post. xD Knowing my scatterbrain, it is possible.

      Can you elaborate on that first part? 🙂 *Sending good vibes your way.*

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