Loss, Life, and the Ultimate Sacrifice!

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Symbiote Book Cover Symbiote
The Peradon Fantasy Series
Daccari Buchelli
Buchelli Books
December 25th, 2017

To save the one you love, be prepared to risk it all.

Five years have passed since the fateful day that led to her husband’s demise: Violetta prays that her daughter never learns the truth, but that’s not the only thing she hopes never rises to the surface.

With a mysterious storm blanketing Peradon, Violetta, Lord Jork, and Xyhoni set out to uncover its source. The last thing they expected was for her young daughter to vanish.

As troubling rumours swell, Violetta reaches her wits end. Now she must journey through the four realms to find answers and recover her daughter before it’s too late.

Five years after her coronation, Queen Violetta struggles with flashbacks about her horrible ordeal with her husband, Ryore, the Frost Emperor. As her young daughter, Princess Elinor’s, birthday approaches, she’s determined to shield her from the gruesome details about her father. As if that’s not enough cause for concern, the young princess’s onset of powers coincides with an all-consuming storm that blankets Peradon in its entirety.

With no explanation as to how or why the events are connected, Violetta’s world spirals even further out of control. Almost simultaneously, Elinor goes missing and a young boy is brutally murdered. The only clues to the troubling events circle around a mysterious note and a peculiar disc. Facing a multitude of hardships, Violetta also finds herself in a much more personal dilemma – her growing affection for her guard, an heir of the Earth Realm. In exchange for vital information that could lead to Elinor’s safe return, a powerful king makes her guard promise to return to the Earth Realm as soon as he has confirmation of the young princess’s safe return.

All of these troubling events have Queen Violetta at her wit’s end. Not only must she circumvent vicious rumors that swirl through the land, but she must grapple with her daughter’s heartache when she learns the truth about her father’s sordid history and the powers that continue to strengthen at rapid speed, while the world around them spirals out of control.

This thrilling sequel reveals parental dread, loss, and all-consuming love as Queen Violetta fights to rescue her daughter and solve Peradon’s problems before it’s too late.

Series: The Peradon Fantasy Series, Book 2
Genre: YA Fantasy
Tags: fantasy, magic, Recommended Books
Publisher: Buchelli Books
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 0995768331

List Price: £8.99
eBook Price: £2.50
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