Bound by Steel, by Connie Lafortune (Action-Romance Review)

‘Bound by Steel enveloped me in a world of intense, raw emotional need.’
(Daccari Buchelli.)

Told in rare second person perspective, Bound by Steel tells the tale of Alpha-type secret military operative, Ryker Steel, and Lyra- a book-loving young woman whom Ryker saves when Lyra crashes her car near his top-secret cabin.

As I read past Ryker and Lyra’s initial encounter, I saw a natural chemistry start to develop between the pair. It was as though they already knew each-other and this feeling persisted, if not increased as time went on.

Abject loneliness sparks an intense connection between the pair, leaving them at the mercy of their own emotions. I found it easy to relate to Lyra’s character with her intense interest in books, and the arts in general. However, I found it hard to share in Ryker’s profound sense of pain, considering the tragic past he has lived through.

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What I did find refreshing was Ryker’s growing emotional sensitivity throughout the novel. Whereas most Alpha-male characters seem like the rest, locking down any emotion and only lusting after women and power (makes for rather one-dimensional male characters in my opinion), Ryker Steel has a softer side, which he buries three years prior to the start of the story’s events.

This man has witnessed some truly tragic events.

This book was a refreshing change from the novels I usually find myself reading.
Not just another Alpha story, but a complex narrative that deals in themes of
love, loss, and personal sacrifice.

My rating? 5 Stars!


Recommended reading age: 16-18 and up.

Recommended for lovers of romance, action/thrillers, and light-erotica.

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