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Broken Branches (A Hideaway Fall Novel)

Joining Hideaway Fall’s Reviewing Team

A few months ago, I found myself approached by a quirky publishing company
named Hideaway Fall. Why? To become a member of their reviewing team.

A few weeks later, I received this amazing package full of cool Hideaway Fall gifts.
A few more weeks followed and the first novel arrived in the post,
Broken BranchesĀ by M. Jonathan. Lee.

Broken Branches, by M. Jonathan. Lee:

Published by the unique Hideaway Fall comes Broken Branches, a remarkable tale of an ancient family curse. Ian Perkin’s story is told through a reliable third person perspective. As a loving husband and father, he seeks to uncover the truth of the curse that has plagued his family for generations.

Author M. Jonathan. Lee has a way with expression and imagery, drawing particular attention to the gnarled tree in Ian’s family garden, which becomes a character in its own right. It acts as a sinister metaphor throughout the novel, a symbol of the family’s curse.


At times, Ian’s character appears vulnerable, left emotionally scarred by the loss of family members
over the years. At other times, he stands as a courageous father figure, hell-bent on solving the mystery
of the family curse and any obstacles that may arise.

This was a dark and sinister tale that held my attention from the first page. If you enjoy stories
shrouded in mystery, deeper meaning, with sudden twists and good tension building, then
I would recommendBroken Branches.

My rating? 5 stars.

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