Burning Captivation (A Fantasy Review)

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Today, I’m reviewing Burning Captivation, by Lucretia Stanhope.

Burning Captivation is the extraordinary fantasy tale in which Gwen, a young witch is to be the future bride of vampire master, Dmitry. The story is told from two main perspectives, that of Gwen, and Dmitry himself.

Moving away from the belief that vampires are unfeeling creatures, unable to feel the true depth of compassion, Dmitry’s character (although an adept at hiding his emotions from Gwen) practically oozes it. From the beginning, I could see how much he cared for Gwen in his own way, his sarcastic and somewhat cocky attitude making him a rather intriguing and likable character.

Gwen, a sassy and at times headstrong individual copes well with all the dramatic twists and turns that come her way. Gwen shows true courage, what with having been thrust into a different realm where she is to one day be used as a weapon.

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Gwen remains calm (as calm as any of us could be in such a terrifying situation) and assesses whatever is happening around her at the time, to assist her husband to be in any way possible.

As we watch Gwen take on the quest to find a missing witch, Pauline, we see the actual strain she is being put under from her new life. Being separated from a true love (Sebastian) would drive anyone insane, but Gwen ensures that she remains calm and composed, to best protect her new vampire master. However, we do see Gwen’s true hopelessness and misery at times when it seems like she and her love, Sebastian might never get to be together. It is at these times that she appears to crave the familiar, comforting presence of a loved one that we all crave when at our wit’s end.

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This was a beautifully crafted tale of duty and sacrifice that wrapped up nicely toward the end. Other than Gwen and Dmitry only having known each-other for seven days, there was nothing I could find that I disliked about the book.

I would happily rate Burning Captivation as 5 stars, and would recommend it to lovers of fantasy, vampires, and witchcraft.


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