Celebrating 2 Years of Book Reviews (Thriller Thursday)

2 Years of Book Reviews

Hey there you beauteous bookworms.
How are you this fine morning?

I’ve recently been struggling with some stomach pain, but otherwise, all is well.

I’m excited to be celebrating this week: it’s been two years since I first began reviewing books and I couldn’t be happier. Although I don’t accept a lot of review requests nowadays (and I am sorry for that- work is eating away all my free time), I still find myself analysing every book I read.

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Reviewing (and analysing in general) has become a daily exercise for my brain, helping it to grow stronger, toning its muscle memory. I joined the Bookstagram (Book Blogging community of Instagram) community shortly after I first began writing reviews and the support and acceptance I feel there is magical.

To have been welcomed into an online community with such open, giving arms is a blessing. I’d like to thank each and every one of you that have helped to shape my experience so far. You’ve all been amazing and I know for sure that I couldn’t have progressed this much without you.

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To celebrate two years of reviewing experience, I’d like to share one of my very first online reviews with you. I originally wrote this review in March, 2016 and this is still one of my favourite thriller novels EVER.


Hannibal, by Thomas Harris

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My Original Review of Hannibal (Goodreads.com)

I gave this novel 5 stars and would do so again.

So, without further ado, here is my review.

Hannibal. Wow, where to begin?

This is probably my favourite book of the Hannibal series. Here, we truly get to explore Hannibal’s interactions with another person. Clarise Starling intrigues the superbly written character of Hannibal Lecter. When reading scenes where they interact, it seems all too clear that if Hannibal could ever feel anything close to love, then he would feel it for this woman.

This book had me glued to the page. Thomas Harris creates tension effortlessly, lightening the mood at the most perfect points within the story. Manipulation runs ragged, as does the shock of Lecter’s flawless logic and intelligence, which often astounds his supporting characters.

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Reading this, I felt like I alone was being given the secret honour of getting to know Lecter’s character personally. I found myself at many times terrified and yet enthralled by such a mysterious figure, always wondering what I would learn about him next.

The plot never tires and grabbed my attention until the very last sentence.

If you enjoy tense, powerfully crafted novels, then I would highly recommend Hannibal to you.


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Thank you for joining me for this week’s Thriller Thursday.
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