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Chromosomes, by Ashleigh Reynolds (Review)

515CS+Nl4qL._UY250_Emma only wants to make a new life for herself when she finds herself trapped with a hulking nightmare. I warmed to her character quickly, though at times I feel like she lost her inner fire. Her new companion, a giant teenage boy she nick-names Green Eyes, appears psychotic one moment and calm and sensitive the next.

The development of the pair’s friendship is beautifully crafted as the story progresses. Despite their extreme differences, they resolve to aid each-other in their quest for freedom. There is no shortage of action, gore, or surprises. This story felt like a whirlwind with its fast pace and demonstrated exactly why you should never judge a book by its cover.

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I would easily rate this 5 stars.

Recommended for lovers of Sci-Fi, Thrillers, and Fantasy.

Born in 1993, British writer Daccari Buchelli spends his time focusing on his favourite genre, Fantasy. Having developed an early love of literature, he became determined to create his own magical wonderlands for fellow readers to explore. He spent his teenage years working on several Fantasy novellas, which he has yet to release to the general public.

He has since released the first book in a new Fantasy series, which revolves around young royals and the elemental magic that they possess. As an active member of the LGBT+ community, Mr Buchelli hopes to help reduce intolerance and bullying by promoting acceptance and understanding of those different to ourselves.

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