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Cry of the Sea (Fantasy Review)

Cry of the Sea, by D. G. Driver:

Juniper seeks to find her own path in life, but her activist parents have other plans. When her father takes her to clean up an oil spill, the pair make a discovery that will change the world.

I loved, loved, loved Juniper’s character. Her American-Indian beauty, in addition to her level of maturity and sarcastic sense of humour had me hooked. She’s definitely the kind of person I would befriend in real life. Her passion and determination make her a force to be reckoned with, presenting her as a strong female role model.

Juniper’s comedic style helped to lighten tense moments, of which there were plenty. She has a profound effect on other characters and their way of thinking that I admire.

As for her best friend Hayley, I found myself shying away from her. Although she appears sweet at first, she seems like the sort of girl that will do anything to get a leg up on the rung of the popularity ladder. There were several times when I wanted to slap some sense into Hayley’s character as she aggravated me that much.



I did love how the plot developed. The writing had a steady pace that held my attention and the drama with the leaked secrets had me on the edge of my seat, making me wonder what the outcome of everything would be.

Did I have any dislikes with this story?

Well, besides from Hayley’s character and her back-stabbing, I didn’t like the way that Juniper’s parents tried to force their views and careers on her. Their refusal to listen to her opinions on the matter was a situation that I could relate to.

I’d rate this as 5 stars and would recommend it to avid readers of urban fantasy, as well as to those who are passionate about the environment and its preservation.

Cry of the Sea is a moving tale of passion, beliefs, and incredible discoveries.




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