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Dark Matter (Romance-Mystery Review)

Dark Matter: The Secret Revealed Book Cover Dark Matter: The Secret Revealed
Deborah Ann Gordon
Romance,Paranormal Suspense,Fantasy
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“A refreshing new voice in the fantasy genre.” - Suzi Wolf (Obsessive Reading Disorder) Immortals walk among us, their presence kept quiet by a secret society. Then a powerful force binds the mortal and immortal worlds. The secret is revealed. Belinda is an immortal who has lived for centuries under the tutelage of Michael, an Old Immortal, dedicated to the healing mission of an immortal order known as the Group of World Servers.

When Damien, a mortal, who Belinda has come to love, becomes suspiciously and deathly ill, Belinda learns that the only way she can save him is by giving him emila. Giving emila is a sacred immortal act that she must discover for herself by travelling back to her origins in the sixth century when she was a mortal. In her past she must face the ruthless Mordecai, a powerful Old Immortal, who seeks to destroy Belinda and all that she loves.

Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien's Hobbit, Stephenie Meyer's Twilight and Diana Gabaldon's Outlander will be intrigued by this historical romance and will not be able to put this Dark Matter book down.

In Dark Matter, a mixture of Romance and Mystery by author Deborah Ann Gordon, we see a young immortal, Belinda, travel back to a past life, in order to save Damien- the love of her life.

I was drawn into the story by its fast pace and shifting tone. While some parts felt quite tense, others were light-hearted and romantic, providing what I see as a perfect balance.

There were plenty of surprise twists, which had me eagerly turning the pages. I could imagine myself in Belinda’s shoes, desperate to try and save not just her true love, but her religion as well.

The plot itself was intriguing, centres around two core religions, being Paganism and Christianity. As a Pagan myself, I detested the way in which some characters (namely Mordecai) sought to abolish the Pagan practices, only to replace them purely with those of the Christian faith.

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Belinda’s determination to save the religion of her people, as well as its traditions and the love of her life, is beyond admirable. In her position, I would be just as determined to right such wrongs.

If you like dark, twisted schemes and the sort of ‘love conquers all’ tales that snatch your breath away, then I would definitely recommend Dark Matter.

Rated 5 stars.



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