Dead Fish: A Tale of Murder & Deceit

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I was beyond fortunate the other day to experience my own inner sense of enlightenment. To me, this felt like an awakening or a sort of refreshed sensation within my mind, body, and soul. This feeling was so profound that I’m actually having some trouble describing it but, it felt as though I had been stripped away to nothing but my soul, in its purest and most naked form, free of gender, free of prejudice, etc.

I finally felt at peace with myself.

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I now feel whole and comfortable for the first time in my life. I’m learning to accept a lot of my past and a lot of my own personal, private issues. I’m sifting through memories and analysing them, to uncover why I am the way I am, and why I think and act the way I do, as an individual.

What I realised is that I can lead a much happier, fulfilling life if I just trust in who I am as a person- as a unique individual, and leave behind any bitterness I may have had toward the world and others.

Have you ever experienced anything like this?
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Dead Fish, by Ruth Carrington


Murder, Betrayal, Insanity.


If I told you I instantly fell in love with this book, would you lend me your ears?
I hope so.

Dead Fish is a gripping Legal / Crime Thriller that chronicles the arrest and trial of Geoffrey Quinn, devoted father, husband, and former surgeon. Quinn is accused of killing his wife and children, and most seem to judge him as guilty, except for his amazing lawyer, Alison, who on first meeting Quinn, believes in his claim to innocence.

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There were two characters that gained my genuine sympathy throughout the novel- Quinn and Alison. Quinn appears lost, confused, and mostly afraid as his life literally hangs in the balance. On the other hand, Alison was easy to sympathise with as we were given an insight into her past. Tragic experiences with loved ones (and the sudden, unexpected loss of them) plague her every thought, making Alison a complex and rather intriguing character.

Many secrets are unearthed throughout this high-stakes tale. I won’t go into examples as I’d hate to spoil the book for others. However, the acts I was reading about shocked me to my core. I never knew what to expect next and for me, this unpredictable quality made me all the more eager to flip those pages.

This is definitely a story I’m going to remember and yes, I would absolutely consider reading Dead Fish again. ^_^

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I’m rating this book 5/5 stars.
I’d recommend Dead Fish to lovers of crime and thrillers.

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