Death Speaks: Urban Fantasy You’ll Crave

Death Speaks, by E. J. Bennett

[Read in 1-2 sittings. Amazing.]


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Now, For Our Review of Death Speaks


Leila Thompson makes for a unique character- ‘A party girl with brains to boot reputation’ When a mysterious stranger saves her life, Leila is left with a rather unfortunate side-effect.

‘One second, there was darkness and her heart had stopped beating. The next, she was being slowly dragged out of the car and placed gently on the ground.- He had done something- if for him, she would be dead, He had saved her.’

After experiencing a terrible car-crash, Leila is left with many questions, but so is the reader (well, I was.) Her new predicament confused me at first, allowing me to share in Leila’s own sense of bewilderment.

‘She needed to- if only to feel human. She still was, wasn’t she?’

Sentences like these thrust me into the same state of mind as Leila- one of confusion and fear, which didn’t recede until the end of the story.

I was somewhat disappointed by the ‘new kid on the block’ trope, which is becoming increasingly cliché. The student in nearly always a seventeen year old boy with dark hair that partly covers his face and electric blue eyes. With that in mind, Caleb’s character (AKA, the new kid) lacked depth and didn’t interest me, nor did I feel that he added much to the story, except for a sprinkling of much needed mystery.


I found the plot intriguing in itself and adored Leila’s character with her quick wit and unusual personality, but that’s where the magic stopped for me.

I would still rate it 3.5 – 4 stars.
There was just something missing for me that didn’t elevate it beyond this rating.

I think this would be an ideal read  for lovers of Urban Fantasy and fast-paced novels which can be read in one to two sittings. A definite perk.

Be sure to check out Death Speaks, HERE: Death Speaks

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