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Draguntome, by K. M. Plum (Review)

Draguntome Book Cover Draguntome
K. M. Plum

Where knights and dragons once marched for honor at the behest of the Good King, nothing remains but sad and broken lore about the glory of the old rule. Now, titles of nobility are only christened by the spilling of blood and the destruction of everything linked to the old ways under the Order of the Black King. Even so, some still stand who are not easily dissuaded...

In the small forest village of Ark, Kalos has lived alone with his father for as long as he can remember. After a strange encounter at the exotic Mercari Fair, which arrives only once a year, the two of them must immediately depart for the port city of Blefcynn. A mysterious collection of items is urgently required by his Father, but even Kalos may be unable to learn why.

Kalos must conquer overwhelming obstacles while rapidly evolving from the boy he thought he was to a man he never expected to become throughout his journey. War, pirates and unyielding odds threaten to crush him around every corner in "Heir Of The Forsaken," the first installment of the Draguntome saga.

Set during the rule of the Black King in the midst of a Medieval world comes Draguntome, a unique fantasy novel. Here, we follow young Kalos as he is finally permitted to explore the world outside of his little village alongside his father.

Secrets and legends pave the way in this magical tale. Kalos’ journey sees him develop into a strong young man, though his character does at times display a youthful ignorance of his circumstances. His kind heart and steadfast hand when in battle make him a truly unique young man. His relationships with other characters are based on witty humour and shared fighting experience.

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The characters had an almost Scottish type of accent bleeding out through their speech, which was clearer in the older characters. The author’s use of imagery painted vivid pictures of the landscape, their use of language fitting for the Medieval time period, especially when it came to speech patterns.

This fast-paced tale showed incredible world-building skills on the author’s part. The characters held a lot of depth within and each had their own secrets and dreams. One of my favourites was Elana, a strong female Captain that has impeccable skill with blades. I loved her vibrant personality and the way in which she affected Kalos from the moment they met.

I loved the amount of action involved, including the epic sword fighting scenes. Although I wasn’t sure where the plot was leading, the action and back-story involved here were enough to have me turning the pages.

Rated 4 stars.
Recommended for lovers of Medieval Fantasy and tales involving knights and magic.

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