Elemental Claim (Urban Fantasy Review)


Elemental Claim, by Miranda Grant


‘Don’t threaten a life mate.’

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It is a Wonderful Wednesday here in the UK, with today’s reviewed title being Elemental Claim, by Miranda Grant.

Elemental claim is an Urban Fantasy, which follows 22 year old Emma Sterling as she is thrust into the world of the supernatural. Her twin sister, Elizabeth has a bounty on her head and it’s up to Emma to determine if her sister is innocent, or if the sweet sibling she once knew has become a blood-sucking monster.

Told in third person, we experience events from Emma and her twin’s point of view, in addition to that of Rogan (a Scottish Elemental with electric-blue eyes), and rogue vampire, Sebastian. Of all the perspectives, I found Sebastian’s to be the most intriguing as I’ve always been a sucker for complex characters, where you’re never sure where their allegiances lie. Sebastian initially came across as a vicious tyrant, and although this first impression is accurate, I sensed a depth of trauma in his character’s past that would have resulted in such despicable behaviour.

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Emma also has a traumatic past, with her mother passing away two years prior, on Emma and Elizabeth’s twentieth birthday. Their mother’s death isn’t really elaborated on, although we do learn that the twin’s father is actually Hades (links to Greek mythology), making Emma and her sister far more dangerous than I would have first imagined.

Of all the characters, I connected most with Rogan, a powerful elemental being who falls for Emma on their first meeting, after rescuing her from drowning in her car, and shortly after, from a horde of bloodthirsty vampires. Rogan’s dark sense of humour contrasted well with the story’s tense moments and helped to put my racing heart at ease. His bravery and loyalty appear second to none, two traits that I have come to value highly.

I couldn’t help but squee a little when Rogan and Emma finally gave in to their instincts and allowed their mutual desire to be satiated. Their desire for one-another is stronger than I’ve seen in most fictional characters, which I see as a feat in itself.

‘He held her breath captive for a second- then two, before jerking his attention back to the road.’

Due to these rather intense sensual moments, I’d recommend that only those aged sixteen and over read this particular book.

I loved how ‘The Myth’ (groups of varying supernatural/paranormal beings) were represented in this story. Even they are shown to feel ‘the effects of fatigue,’ humanizing them to an extent, so that we (as humans) can more easily view ourselves in their shoes.

Another concept I adored was that of ‘life mates’– an entirely new take (at least, to me) on the soulmate principle.

The concept of life mates in simple- ‘Our bodies are split in half and we’re left to find that other part of ourselves. That’s our life mate.’

This sentiment moved me deeply and is one I shan’t forget.

Although I adored Emma’s story, one thing I felt let it down was how some scenes began with no context, regarding location, time, or whose eyes we’re viewing the story from. This left me somewhat confused at times as I tried to work out what was going on.

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I also felt that (after having such beautiful, sensual language to describe love scenes) vile slang language detracted from the natural sense of intimacy the writer had initially created. I always recommend not using slang terms when it comes to writing love scenes. If other readers are anything like me, then vulgar language is an instant turn-off.

Reading such profanity after such beautiful, intense descriptions of love-making makes me cringe inwardly. However, my overall experience of Elemental Claim was enjoyable. I welcome future novels by Miranda Grant, and wish her well.

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I would happily recommend Elemental Claim to those aged sixteen and over, who love Urban Fantasy and Mythology.

My Rating? 4/5 stars.





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