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My week was more than pleasant enough. I read many books, each a credit to its author, and wrote as much as I was physically able. I tell you, it can be thirsty work.

Fantastical Friday  ~ An all new Fantasy Review.

The Unborn Hero of Dragon Village


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AMAZON #1 NEW RELEASE in Children’s Multicultural Literature. The day fire and ice erupt from the sky, everything changes forever for twelve-year-old Theo. He discovers that dragons are real when Lamia, a three-headed monster, kidnaps his sister. A witch and a talking magpie help him open the portal to Dragon Village, a land he knows only from myth, a place filled with terrifying creatures. A young woodland nymph befriends him when he arrives. He must learn to trust his instincts as he searches for a way to defeat Lamia before the dragon sacrifices his sister. In his journey, he uncovers secrets that reveal that only he can save the mystical land. In this book, you will discover some of the terrifying creatures from Bulgarian and Slavic mythology. Some you may know by other names: Samodivi are Veelas from Harry Potter fame, only here they’re shown as supernatural creatures of the forest. Baba Yaga, Harpies, and other creatures find their way into these pages, as well as the dreaded Lamia.

Our Review


The Unborn Hero of Dragon Village, by Ronesa Aveela

As soon as I read page one, that was it. I was drawn to this story like a moth is drawn to the flickering flames in a grate. A tad cliche there- I do apologise.

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What makes this story so great?


From the cast of quirky characters, to the world-building and plot-line- ALL elements of this book hold mass appeal. I purchased the book from Amazon (yes, I know there are problems with Amazon and I am trying to use them less and less as time goes on.)

The book starts off with a character glossary, in case you wanted to delve deeper into who’s who. Personally, I was ready to dive into the book, so I skim-read the glossary until I came face to face with that all-deciding first page.

Who is our Hero?

Our hero is Theo, a twelve year old rebel that sadly lost his dad to the cruel sea.

‘Somewhere out their, their father had been lost on the night Theo and Nia were born.’

What makes Theo’s character more interesting (at least to me) is that he has a twin sister, Nia. We don’t see a lot of Nia in the book, but she is painted as being cautious, yet playful, and definitely loves her brother unconditionally.


Meanwhile, people in their home town view Theo as a foolish youngster, always up to no good with his best friend and their crazy inventions. However, his friend Pavel is there for Theo when he suffers a terrible tragedy, which leads to them meeting our heroine, Diva. Diva is a Samodiva, a type of woodland fairy / nymph (in Southern and Western Slavic Folklore.)

(See the above link for a full explanation: the author is particularly interested in exploring these mythic beings.)

Another interesting site that speaks about Samodiva is:


Our young heroine, Diva is intensely brave. The moment we meet her, we are drawn in by her presence.

‘An earth scent, mixed with pine drifted in as a girl around their age entered. She knocked an arrow in her bow and pointed it at the creature. “Get out of here if you want to live!” ‘

Diva’s bravery stems from her natural calling to protect the earth from malicious fae creatures, such as harpies, which are attacking Theo and his friend, Pavel.

This new world (Dragon Village) / Realm is overrun by Fae creatures, most of which have some evil motivations for trying to harm Theo and his allies.

‘He’d encountered a dragon, a three-headed snake, a Harpy, and a Samodiva girl. What else lived in this strange place?’

What else, indeed?

We see a whole host of mythical creatures throughout the story, the leader of which is Lamia, a fierce dragon. The main focus of the story is Theo’s quest to destroy Lamia, so he can restore Dragon Village to its former glory.


There are lots of twists and turns throughout, and at times I wasn’t sure if Theo and his friends would make it to the end of the book. At only 12 years of age, Theo has had an enormous burden thrust onto his shoulders and many of the enchanting creatures in Dragon Village urge Theo to do all he can to defeat the evil Lamia.

Nia depended on him. Old Lady Witch depended on him. Everyone in Dragon Village depended on him.’

Clearly, this is a lot for a 12 year old to handle.
But, Theo is a hero in the making.


Will he and his friends survive their terrible ordeals as they fight to free Dragon Village from a terrible evil?

You’ll have to read to find out.
My Rating: 5 stars.

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Recommended for lovers of Epic Fantasy.

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