Fantastical Friday

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Good Day bookworms. ^_^
It’s time for our NEW Feature ~ Fantastical Friday.

With the past few weeks – months feeling somewhat out of my control, I’m attempting to regain some sense of organisation by introducing new daily and weekly feature posts on our blog.

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So, what are we talking about this Fantastical Friday?

In short, we’re discussing The Girl in the Box, a Superhero Fantasy Series that ranked #2 in its genre on Amazon, making it a bestseller.

Author: Robert Crane

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What is This Gripping Fantasy Series About, you may ask?

Take your average teenage girl and add a controlling mother into the mix. When said mother disappears, our young heroine, Sienna, must face untold dangers as she fights for her own right to survive.

Sienna begins to develop extraordinary powers, ones which do not go unnoticed.

There are ten books in total to this series, but these are just the first three volumes.
I can’t wait to add this series to my Goodreads tbr list. True, like many, my list is overflowing with books, but I just don’t have the heart to remove any.

You can find all of the books in The Girl in the Box Series, below.

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If you’d like to add the books to your Goodreads list individually, CLICK HERE.
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Thank you for joining us on our first ever Fantastical Friday.

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~ Dax.

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