Happy Earth Day 2018

Good Morning you B-E-A-Utiful Bookworms, and a Happy Earth Day to you. ^_^

On April 22nd, 1970 , the modern environmental movement was born. Forty Eight years later and we’re still celebrating the anniversary of its birth.

‘So,’ you may ask, ‘How did Earth Day begin?

In the 1970s, industries all across the globe were sending an enormous amount of pollution into our atmosphere, with little to no fear of the consequences.

Some referred to air pollution as ‘The Smell of Prosperity,’ when it is far from it.

The ignorance of large corporations that pump harmful toxins into our air is frankly disgusting. Some companies are now doing their bit, supporting ongoing research into new, sustainable sources of fuel, but some still refuse to see the harm that such pollution is causing.

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Back in 1962, a dedicated marine biologist, author, and conservationist by the name of Rachel Carson published her book, entitled Silent Spring. Her book quickly became a New York Times Bestseller and created a newfound awareness of how human behaviour had begun to affect living organisms (and the environment in general) around the globe.

In 1970, the first official Earth Day took place after its founder, US Senator, Gaylord Nelson witnessed an enormous oil spill in California. During this first celebration, Twenty million Americans protested for a healthy, sustainable environment, with thousands of colleges also staging protests. Citizens of all political parties and classes banded together to protest, which soon soon led to the Environmental Protection Agency being formed, and the Clean air, clean water, and endangered species act being passed.

On Earth Day, 1990 , we drastically boosted our worldwide recycling efforts.

June 1992: The United Nations Earth Summit met in Rio de Janeiro, for officials to discuss the state of our home, Earth.

Twenty years later (June, 2012): The Earth Summit was again held in Rio de Janeiro.
You can see the outcome of the 2012 Earth Summit here:

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In 1995, Earth Day’s founder, Mr Gaylord Nelson, was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is deemed the highest honour a US citizen can obtain.

1989-1990: The invention of the World Wide Web   gave environmentally conscious individuals a new type of power, allowing their voices to reach a much wider audience.

With the arrival of the Millenium (Year 2000), focus switched to Global Warming and the consequences humankind could face if nothing was done to protect the environment.

Earth Day, 2000 demonstrated to world leaders that people wanted action to be taken against the growing issue of Global Warning, yet a decade later, there was an increase in climate change deniers, with much of the general public seeming disinterested in environmental topics.

This made me wonder:

What happened for the human population to suddenly give up on our home planet- on what we had fought for, for decades?

We Only Have One Earth
Did we not see the benefits of caring for our own home anymore?

The human race needed help, which soon came in the form of the Earth Day Network. 
This brilliant cause launched the world’s largest environmental service project, A Billion Acts of Green, and introduced a global tree planting initiative that has grown into The Canopy Project.

Earth Day is currently celebrated by One Billion people and counting per year, and I am exceedingly proud to be one of them.

The question I now find myself asking is, will you join this worthwhile cause?
Will you help to save our planet, our home, our Earth?

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I’d like to end this post with a direct quote from the Earth Day Network’s website.

‘Today, the fight for a clean environment continues with increasing urgency, as the ravages of climate change become more manifest every day. We invite you to be a part of Earth Day and help write many more chapters—struggles and victories—into the Earth Day book.’

2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day. In honor of this milestone, Earth Day Network is launching an ambitious set of goals to shape the future of 21st century environmentalism. Learn more here

It would mean so much to me and to over a Billion others if you would check out the Earth Day Network’s current goals to help protect the world that we call home.

Official Earth Day Network Website

Remember: we need the environment to survive.

But, my dear bookworms, think of it this way-
Less trees means less paper, meaning less paperback books.



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