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Have some of us lived before?

Good afternoon you beauteous bookworms. ^_^
I’ve got a bit of a peculiar post for you today.

Have you ever felt as though you’ve lived before, but as a completely separate person?
I get this feeling ~ A lot!

I’ve never been able to explain this feeling, at least not until this morning. I was simply drifting into my thoughts when I stumbled down a narrow corridor of my mind. In it were unfamiliar faces and names, places I couldn’t possibly have heard of or been to, yet there they all are, unrecognisable memories lurking, waiting to spill out into the forefront of my mind.

hourglass,sands of time,memories

How can I (indeed, how can WE) explain this?
Is this simply an anomaly of my mind, or have others felt like this, too?

It is as if I’m been shown brief snatches of a life forgotten, a life where my body and mind were one ~ connected and at peace. Words, names, objects ~ I hear them as though whispered to me from another time.

I find myself drawn strongly to Native American Culture with no idea as to why. I see materialistic and shallow individuals everywhere I go and can’t help but feel truly saddened by their inner nature. I see things with a depth and understanding that those around me don’t quite seem to possess (or perhaps they just don’t show it?)

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst
Whatever this peculiar sensation, it has haunted me since birth and seems to also contain a vital tie to nature, and all things living in general. There isn’t a time I can recall where I haven’t felt like this to some extent. Even as a young child, I felt far too old (experience-wise) for my physical age.

Please, I’m at my wits end with trying to figure this out.
Has anyone-else experienced a sensation similar to this?

Wishing you a fabulous Thursday,

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