Heaven Before Hell: A Quirky Zombie Tale

Heaven Before Hell, by Dia Cole


21 year old Lee Walker ‘knows all too well, the pain of losing loved ones.’ With a tragic past and equally uncertain future, her chances of surviving a viral outbreak are slim.

The virus specified in the book appears to be a rabies mutation, of canine origin. With it becoming mandatory to ‘put down all dogs’, there’s one less form of companionship to keep our protagonist sane.

I realized early on that Lee had financial troubles, based on casual remarks she makes, her type of employment (high paying, yet she feels disgusted), etc.

‘That won’t get us far,’ or ‘Is this what I’d been reduced to? Bartering my virginity?’

It is plain to see that these are desperate times for Lee, and as we know, desperate times call for particularly desperate measures.

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If a mutating dog virus isn’t scary enough, then came the proposal f rumoured drug lord, Javier, who offers Lee £20,000 for one evening of private dancing. While Javier’s proposal would help to solve Lee’s financial problems, the implied price (to Lee, at least) feels like too much of an ask.

Lee’s strength and determination keep her sanity in check throughout. She stays calm under pressure as she is already far too familiar with death for her own liking. Lee also shows an intense dislike for men, which I came to understand as I delved further into her mysterious past.

While the other characters in the novel sort of faded into the background, one other did not, and that was Reed. Reed’s character caught my attention from the start. His bold yet reserved personality had me wondering what he was all about. His honesty and loyalty had me warming to him as he fought to keep himself and his oldest friend, Lee, alive.

I really enjoyed this novel and can’t wait to see what else Dia Cole writes in the future.
Rated 4/5 stars.
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Recommended for lovers of zombie and post apocalyptic novels.
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