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I Have a Friend on Jupiter (5 Star Review)

I Have A Friend on Jupiter Book Cover I Have A Friend on Jupiter
Celine Mariotti
Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Dreaming Big Publications

Carlos and Indiana find a website that promises to find them pen pals from outer space. Imagine their surprise and excitement when they are paired with Mannie and Kossie, two children from Jupiter!

The two pairs of pen pals are excited to learn about each other and their planets, and are even more excited to learn they may be able to visit!

Will the other Earthlings be as open to a visit from aliens from Jupiter, though?

You may have read my recent interview with author Celine Rose Mariotti. Since then I have had the privilege of reading her book, I Have a Friend on Jupiter, and I have to say that it’s well worth a read.

I was pleasantly surprised at the way it indirectly shows children that being different is okay.
When twelve year old best friends Carlos and Indiana contact two citizens of Jupiter via a special emailing website, they form a bond for life.


The author’s style is unique and not one that I have come across before, which makes a welcome change. The book is aimed at children and teens and moves at a brisk pace so as to hold the reader’s attention.

The language used was easy to understand and flowed well. The enthusiasm of the main characters was hard to miss and lent a powerful series of emotions to the author’s work. I honestly felt like a kid again while reading this, experiencing that same child like sense of wonder that we often lose as we grow up.

I would like to personally thank Celine Rose Mariotti for taking me back to my childhood.
This is a fascinating read that I would recommend for all lovers of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, regardless of age.

Rated 5 stars.

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