Intraterrestrial (Science Fantasy Fiction Review)

Science Fantasy Fiction

Good afternoon you B-E-A-Utiful Bookworms. Today, I’d like to share with you my review for Intra-Terrestrial, an urban style fantasy novel.

In IntraTerrestrial, by Nicholas Conley, Adam must collect all the sparks of his life force, to prevent his inevitable demise.

‘Bravery is defined by accepting responsibility and protecting those in need.’

The story begins- ‘The boy in the bathroom mirror had a purple shiner for a left eye, and oddly enough, that boy was him.’

Adam Helios, a young Indian adoptee and self-proclaimed ‘scrawny bookworm,’ faces bullies more and more due to his Indian heritage, when a sudden shift in fate sees him fighting for his life.

The bulk of the novel was a curious mix of Fantasy and reality, which I found quite refreshing. We see Adam go on an incredible journey, where he fights for his life, while dreaming of anthropomorphized versions of his deepest, darkest fears.

There is a lot of self-blame felt throughout the story- namely felt by Adam and his mother regarding the car crash that caused Ada to go into his coma. It’s the relationship dynamic between Adam and his mother that I found myself envying: his mother is the strong, nurturing type that I could imagine kissing his ouchies better.

‘Like every other conscious being in the known multi-verse, you always have a choice, and that choice is what defines you.’


The sheer amount of wise and inspiring quotes used is phenomenal. I found myself inspired at every turn, unable to fathom the vast nature of Conley’s exquisite imagination. The language used also worked to create vivid images within my mind (see example below.)

‘The sun was dripping inky shadows over the landscape.’
(‘Beautifully written, lyrical’ ~ Daccari Buchelli, 2018)

Through Adam Helios, we experience exactly what it means to be human- to be an immortal spirit trapped within a feeble, mortal form. This tale captivated me from beginning to end and resonated well with me, emotionally.

I would definitely recommend Intraterrestrial, by Nicholas Conley, no matter what your genre reading preferences. It’s messages are deeply rooted in the exploration of the inner self. I found that they helped me to open my mind to how vast the world and its problems really are.

Rated 5 stars.




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