#Let’s Read Indie (2018 Book Challenge)


Welcome fellow bookworms, 📚bookaholics, bibliophiles, book nerds, bookstagrammers, 📚 book bloggers, and all those who just love a good book!

2018 is THE year to start reading Indie!

Should we make this a new trend?

Oh, hell yes! 😊 😊 😊


Because there are so MANY Indie books out there that DO deserve some recognition. Having been an online book reviewer for the past year, I’ve read many Indie Titles, with 90% of them proving to be as good or better than today’s leading titles.

This year, I want to shout to the whole world that I am an avid supporter of Indie Authors & Indie Artists! ❤ ❤ ❤

So come on, whether you’re an #avidreader, #bookreviewer, #bookstagrammer, #bookblogger, #booknerd, or #bookaholic, start reading Indie Titles Now! 📚📚📚

Indie Author List

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