Love Bites (Book One: Darkness & Light Duology) ~ Fantasy Review

Love Bites, by T. L. Clark
Book One: Darkness & Light Duology

‘She was Elinefae, she was a Sorceress. She was Keira.’




Love Bites,
a gripping fantasy tale, follows young Shakira as she discovers a unique and mysterious heritage- she is part fae- Elinefae. Shakira starts the story with an ingrained sense that she ‘doesn’t belong,’ which is understandable, given her mixed ancestry.

Through befriending a local witch, Cerys, Shakira slowly learns to adapt to her new Elinefae form (cat-like hybrid), and even begins to make allies in the Fae world. Themes of: not belonging, secrets, and dishonour dwell deep within this enchanting tale.

‘She could be accepted nowhere…She’d never fit in anywhere…She was nothing. NOTHING.’


Keira’s internal conflict of not belonging was one I found easy to relate to, being a transgender man, as well as an Autistic individual. Not fitting in has forever been the bane of my existence and so, I came to view Keira as a dear friend, for whom I would do anything to protect.

This recurring theme of feeling out of sync with her new friends fades as Keira learns more about her dual heritage and accompanying powers. She appeared to me as a brave young woman/Elinefae, with a strong and determined will. I especially loved Keira’s dark sense of humour, as well as the playful way she interacts with Pryderi, her mate.

Despite the numerous dangers present in the Fae realms, Keira navigates them well, transforming from a shy human female, into a brave and beautiful, young Elinefae. With her unique abilities, she is able to bring about the end to a war within the Fae realms (for now), and finally finds where she belongs, with her own makeshift family, amongst friends.

Love Bites is a powerful, imaginative fantasy that swept me off my feet from the very beginning.

I would definitely recommend this to lovers of the fantasy genre, and Fae world.
My rating? Easily 5 stars.




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