Magical thinking (Guest Post ~ Kate Murdoch)

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Today’s Guest Post is by a wonderful author named Kate Murdoch, and revolves around the subject of Magical Thinking. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

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Magical thinking

‘Magical thinking is the belief that one’s own thoughts, wishes, or desires can influence the external world.’

‘The way is all around you—it is in the trees, the stars, the animals, and through your own body. You must keep your mind and body free from impurities and all will be revealed. Spend quiet time in your mind, without distraction. Do not hate those who show ignorance, they too are emanations of the great spirit. They are not ready to realise all that is around us. Your powers are great and will only increase with time. Be patient. You have many years to realise your potential. We will be here to guide you. Savinus will teach you the incantation, then you must sit in a quiet place in nature, and we will come.’

[Kate Murdoch~ Stone Circle]

Someone asked me recently if I believed in magical thinking. This was an excellent question, given I’ve written a coming of age story about a boy gifted with psychic powers. It led me to contemplate the events that led to my historical fantasy novel, ‘Stone Circle.’


I  was a quiet, intense child with an overactive imagination. I was preoccupied with the unseen and unknown. It wasn’t unusual for me to sense spirits. I spent a lot of time in a house with a resident ghost, a deceased great-aunt, who I felt as a forbidding presence. It was something I just accepted, and if you’d asked me at the time I would probably have been surprised to learn other people didn’t have ghosts in their families.

I remember snorkelling in Fiji with my mother. Vividly-hued fish darted around us, the water cerulean as we floated on the edge of a shelf. Beyond lay a deep, unfathomable blue and the mysteries of other creatures and corals.

‘Look at all the beautiful fish!’ said my mother. It was only a minute later I realised it wasn’t possible for her to speak to me with her snorkel clamped between her lips. I had heard her voice in my head.

It happened a couple more times. In the street she would call me, but not out loud. She was never aware she was doing it. It filled me with a combination of wonderment and fear.

By my teens I wasdevouring Shirley MacLaine books — her spiritual exploits fascinated me. This interest morphed into an intrepid study of Eastern religious philosophy and religion. I read everything I could, from Zen and Mahayana Buddhism to the Tao and Deepak Chopra. I’ve been present at teachings from high lamas, absorbed the peace of temples in various Southeast Asian countries, and kept reading and observing. Through it all, I’ve tried to raise my consciousness and be my best self.

It’s been a lifelong exploration. As I wrote ‘Stone Circle’ I was working with a Reiki master who quickly took me to level two, giving me the ability to heal others. I sometimes give healings to my friends and relatives and can’t imagine life without this incredible tool. Paired with regular meditation, I find my life proceeds in a calm, more centred way.

In this rapidly evolving, digitally focused world, it’s more difficult than ever to follow a spiritual path. Yet, it’s the challenges and complexity of the direction we’re heading in that make it all the more important.

I do believe in magical thinking. To think of ourselves as flimsy boats, blown in all directions by forces outside our control is only a partial truth. There are elements we cannot control, but there are many we can. Our thoughts become action, and action affects change in the world.

A marvellous post there from author, Kate Murdoch, whose book, Stone Circle
will be reviewed on here shortly. I hope you enjoyed this post. ^_^

If you’d like to read about our Interview with Kate Murdoch, please visit this link: Interviewing Kate Murdoch, Author of Historical Fantasy Novel, Stone Circle.

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