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Welcome Bookworms, to Mythological Monday

What Myth Are We Exploring Today? How About the Lost City of Atlantis.

Lost City of Atlantis Finally Found, In Antarctica?


A bizarre structure has recently been uncovered as ice continues to melt in the Antarctic. This unusual structure was first found poking out of  the icy waters on Google Earth, with three separate structures being located, all of a similar length, with an equal distance between them.

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The discoverer of these new ruins in the Antarctic, Graham Maple, runs a Youtube channel called Conspiracy Depot, and believes he has made a ground-breaking discovery.

But, has he? Only time and further exploration will tell.

Atlantis: Myth, or Fact?


Around 360 BCE, the Ancient Greek Philosopher, Plato wrote the first known account of the supposedly Mythical City of Atlantis.



Here is a short excerpt from Timaeus, by Plato (c.428 – c.347 BC).


“The tale, which was of great length, began as follows: I have before remarked, in speaking of the allotments of the gods, that they distributed the whole earth into portions differing in extent, and made themselves temples and sacrifices. And Poseidon, receiving for his lot the island of Atlantis, begat children by a mortal woman, and settled them in a part of the island which I will proceed to describe.

On the side toward the sea, and in the center of the whole island, there was a plain which is said to have been the fairest of all plains, and very fertile. Near the plain again, and also in the center of the island, at a distance of about fifty stadia (one stadia=606 feet), there was a mountain, not very high on any side.

In this mountain there dwelt one of the earth-born primeval men of that country, whose name was Evenor, and he had a wife named Leucippe, and they had an only daughter, who was named Cleito. The maiden was growing up to womanhood when her father and mother died.

Poseidon fell in love with her, and had intercourse with her; and, breaking the ground, enclosed the hill in which she dwelt all round, making alternate zones of sea and land, larger and smaller, encircling one another; there were two of land and three of water, which he turned as with a lathe out of the center of the island, equidistant every way, so that no man could get to the island, for ships and voyages were not yet heard of.


The story of Atlantis has fascinated people since the legend began. From rumours of advanced technology, to superior craftsmanship and architecture, Atlantis seemed a place fit for the gods.

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Another Excerpt from Timaeus describes the wonder of Atlantis’s architecture.


And, beginning from the sea, they dug a canal three hundred feet in width and one hundred feet in depth, and fifty stadia in length, which they carried through to the outermost zone, making a passage from the sea up to this, which became a harbor, and leaving an opening sufficient to enable the largest vessels to find ingress.

Moreover, they divided the zones of land which parted the zones of sea, constructing bridges of such a width as would leave a passage for a single trireme to pass out of one into another, and roofed them over; and there was a way underneath for the ships, for the banks of the zones were raised considerably above the water.

Now the largest of the zones into which a passage was cut from the sea was three stadia in breadth, and the zone of land which came next of equal breadth; but the next two, as well the zone of water as of land, were two stadia, and the one which surrounded the central island was a stadium only in width. The island in which the palace was situated had a diameter of five stadia.

This, and the zones and the bridge, which was the sixth part of a stadium in width, they surrounded by a stone wall, on either side placing towers, and gates on the bridges where the sea passed in. The stone which was used in the work they quarried from underneath the center island and from underneath the zones, on the outer as well as the inner side.

One kind of stone was white, another black, and a third red; and, as they quarried, they at the same time hollowed out docks double within, having roofs formed out of the native rock. Some of their buildings were simple, but in others they put together different stones, which they intermingled for the sake of ornament, to be a natural source of delight.

Despite the inspiration the fabled city has brought us, is it simply a myth, created to provide insight into the human condition, or is Atlantis as real as you and me?

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I leave you with the link to the original article I found.
Atlantis potentially found via Google Earth

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