Outside Ascension, by Amy Proebstel (Fantasy Review)

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Outside Ascension, by Amy Proebstel

Pages: 308

Recomended reading age: 16+
TW: Brief mention of drugging and molestation of unconscious individual.

Outside Ascension, a Fantasy novel by Amy Proebstel, was published by Cavaliers Publishing in September 2016, and follows the somewhat traumatic journey of Amanda as she disappears from her fiance’s vessel during a storm.

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‘POWER IS a heady thing. When used perfectly, it can be a value indeed.’

From the very start, power became a central theme, leaping out at me from the pages. Such power originates from the Ascension Gates, incredible magical portals that act as a divider between the Earth we know, and a dimension named Tuala. I found myself immediately captivated by the two worlds presented and adored the idea of elemental magic being just an everyday part of the lives of Tualans all over.

Amanda is our central character, adapting to life in Tuala, where she was found by a most ghastly man named Petre. I was honestly so relieved when she escaped from him, and would WARN fellow readers that there is a brief reference to drugging (herbal) and molestation of an unconscious Amanda, though any description is transformed by Amanda’s drug-induced dreams (NOT GRAPHIC.)


My relief peaked when Amanda was rescued from her dire situation by a local Sea Captain, Bryon. The fact that such a stranger was willing to welcome Amanda nto his home showed remarkable compassion and care for someone whose past life memories had not fully re-surfaced.

I loved the concept of the Ascension Gates themselves, and the way an individual cannot remember their past life experience once they’ve crossed through to the opposing world. I saw this as the gate’s unique way of protecting those who travel through them from being harmed based on the knowledge of such a fantastical place such as Tuala.

In fact, when Amanda is able to recall details of Tuala, having written herself a letter before crossing back through an Acension Gate (by accident), she is taken to what seems to be some sort of psych ward, where a doctor frequently questions her about her experiences in Tuala. Maybe the gates protect the knowledge of Tuala and its magic so that others won’t try to locate it and harm its inhabitants. Who knows.

Overall, this novel was a beautifully written tale of loss, familial love, and self-discovery in the face of peril and brand new, mysterious surroundings. I would happily recommend Outside Ascension to Fantasy lovers over the age of sixteen.

My rating? 5 stars!
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