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Proof, by Ted. D. Berner (Favourite Book of 2017)

Okay, I’ll start by saying that I loved the concept for this book 100 percent. If you know me well, then you’ll know that I’m a sucker for anything related to Ancient Mythology. Author Ted. D. Berner was reading through The Bible when he came across a verse that stumped him. Did they really mention giants in the bible? Surely, there is and never was such a thing, or was there?


In Proof, (a fictional novel surrounding this one biblical verse and The little-known Book of Enoch) young Ty Larson is adamant to uncover the truth of such a mysterious legend. Where did these giants originate and who were they?

Science strolls hand in hand with belief in a tale that hooked me from beginning to end. I believe the author to be quite the intellectual as such a demeanour has most certainly rubbed off on Ty as a character.

High stakes and fast paced action had me turning the pages, hungry for more mystery, mythology, and mayhem. I would recommend this to readers aged 13+ who enjoy Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and books with mythological back stories.

This has been my favourite read of the year so far.

Rated 5/5 stars. It’s a shame I can’t rate it any higher.

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