Renascence, by Leigh Goodison (Review)


The year 2072 sees a small crew of scientists on a voyage to bring back chemicals to a struggling Earth. Without them, all life on Earth could cease to exist. This was an imaginative science fiction read with plenty of action and head-scratching moments.

The main characters felt like a close-knit family and were all supportive of one another. Zeta (named after a Greek letter as are all crew members) is a strong female lead with the ability to pull through for herself and others in various dire circumstances. I found myself in awe of her strong will from the start and was on the edge of my seat, hoping for her efforts to prevail.

Author Leigh Goodison does a wonderful job of conveying their Dystopian world, along with its history dating up to the year 2072. This is a world where discrimination of all kinds has been banned. This may indicate the viewpoint of the author and if so, they have my sincerest respect.

With shocking twists and great tension-building, the race was on to see if the crew would return to Earth in time to salvage what was left of the human race.

I would rate this book 5 stars.

Recommended for fans of Sci-Fi, Dystopian, and Fantasy novels.

Born in 1993, British writer Daccari Buchelli spends his time focusing on his favourite genre, Fantasy. Having developed an early love of literature, he became determined to create his own magical wonderlands for fellow readers to explore. He spent his teenage years working on several Fantasy novellas, which he has yet to release to the general public.

He has since released the first book in a new Fantasy series, which revolves around young royals and the elemental magic that they possess. As an active member of the LGBT+ community, Mr Buchelli hopes to help reduce intolerance and bullying by promoting acceptance and understanding of those different to ourselves.

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