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The Author’s Preferred Text
by Neil Gaiman.


Headline Publishing Group     |     2016 edition     |     Illustrated by Chris Riddell.


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Neverwhere is set in the often overwhelming city of London where I live. However, the book opens the door to a mysterious and hidden part of the city’s life I have never seen but can well imagine exists! The fantasy story began as a 1990s TV series written by The Sandman comic author Neil Gaiman. This interested me as these things usually happen the other way round. The author felt what had come out on screen was not what was in his head. After years of work and several reprints, Gaiman’s preferred version of the novel about London and “London Below” came about.



The book begins with Richard slumped outside a Scottish pub. The young man is about to leave behind his home town and begin a new life in London. In an enigmatic conversation an old woman tells Richard “It starts with doors.”


The strange conversation forgotten, Richard settles in to London life, till its strangeness becomes almost everyday to him. He gradually familiarises himself with the hectic pace, with the areas within London that are completely distinct from each other and with the fact the “Tube map was a handy fiction that made life easier, but bore no resemblance to the reality of the shape of the city above.” These truths will be familiar to Londoners and the many other people who settle in the massive city.


An evening out with his girlfriend Jessica sees Richard’s London life turned upside down. Richard doesn’t hesitate to go to the assistance of a strange girl called Door. His act of kindness leads to him being unable to take part in his usual London life. Richard’s job, his apartment, his girlfriend, even his ability to get on Underground trains are all suddenly and completely lost to him.

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Richard has shifted into a different existence into the strange world of London Below. He will meet incredible people and beings including an Angel called Islington, Old Bailey, the Earl of Earl’s Court, and the monks of Blackfriars. He will have to cross the terrifying Knightsbridge. All he wants is to find his way back to his normal life back in London above. But first he must join Door, her father’s friend the Marquis de Carabas and bodyguard Hunter to find out why Door’s family have been targeted by vicious killers, Mr Vandermar and Mr Croup. With their acts of gruesome violence, this is not a read for the very young.


I really enjoyed fully immersing myself in the strange and wonderful world of London Below, a fantastical yet often terrifying hidden world. The 2016 edition of Neverwhere with illustrations by Chris Ridell includes gorgeous detailed imagery. Overall this is a fantastic book with so many surprises and delightful characters.

I give it 5/5.


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