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September Sky (A Review)

September Sky by John. A. Heldt

john.jpgSeptember Sky takes the idea of time travel to a whole new level. In this thrilling adventure, reporter Charles Townsend and son Justin are offered the chance of a lifetime by an eccentric Professor Bell. The story was believable and recounted several types of transitional periods that we experience in life. The writing style flowed well and conveyed every subtle emotion of the main characters.

Strong females are a welcome addition to this tale, which is set for the most part in the early 1900s. In a time where sexism is rife, we are given a rare glimpse of those few individuals that could rise up amongst their male oppressors and make a life for themselves.

I really did feel as though I had travelled back in time with Chuck and Justin. This was a charming tale of love, life, and new opportunities.

My rating: 5 stars.

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