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Sketches of My Soul, by T. C. Booth (Review)

Senior year of high-school is never easy. Budding artist Teagan balances college applications, ex-boyfriends and a drunk dad in T. C. Booth’s Sketches of My Soul.

The author conveys Teagan’s various emotional states through a remarkable use of imagery, but they’re not the only one to do so. Teagan conveys her most intimate feelings through her artwork, which is kept in a secret work-pad that she refuses to show anyone.

I enjoyed her first-person narration. It was delicate and at times lyrical. The language used was simple to understand and flowed well, making it easy for the reader to follow the story.


I liked that both Teagan and Andrew had complex pasts and that they were able to share in each-other’s pain, as well as to provide much needed support to one-another.

Although this book could use a light edit for spelling, overall it is a remarkable read that I would recommend to young adults worldwide.

My rating is 4/5 stars.

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