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SYMBIOTE Launches!

Good morning you beautiful bookworms! 😀
Merry Christmas & OR Happy Holidays to you all!

Today is the official launch day of Symbiote, Book #2 of The Peradon Fantasy Series.
I’m beyond thrilled to have this fantasy sequel completed after two years of continuous hard work. If you’d like to know more about Symbiote, simply continue reading this post.


To save the one you love, be prepared to risk it all.

Five years have passed since the fateful day that led to her husband’s demise: Violetta prays that her daughter never learns the truth, but that’s not the only thing she hopes never rises to the surface.

With a mysterious storm blanketing Peradon, Violetta, Lord Jork, and Xyhoni set out to uncover its source. The last thing they expected was for her young daughter to vanish. As troubling rumours swell, Violetta reaches her wits end. Now she must journey through the four realms to find answers and recover her daughter before it’s too late.

55x8 SYMBIOTE.jpg

Symbiote is the gripping sequel to Book One of the series, Phoenix, the revised edition

of which was published in late April this same year. Both books follow the journey
of Violetta Flame, a headstrong royal and Flame Mage, as she fights against evil,

sexism, and most of all, herself.

You can find the ebook of Symbiote on Amazon using the links below:
SYMBIOTE: Book #2 of The Peradon Fantasy Series:

You will also be able to find Symbiote on various other platforms within the next few weeks, so please stay tuned for future updates on that.

If you’d like to read a FREE sample, you can find the first few chapters on Wattpad using the link HERE: Read SYMBIOTE on

It would mean a lot to me if this post could be shared around as it helps reader discoverability. If you’d like to know more about Symbiote (or even about Phoenix),

then please check out the rest of the website, or email me at , even if you simply fancy a chat.

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