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Dominion Rising (Rockstar Book Tours)

DOMINION Release Day Blitz (March 20th) Good Morning you B-E-A-Utiful Bookworms. ^_^ How are you all doing this terrific Tuesday? I myself am excited to announce that DOMINION, by Julie Hall is now available. If you haven’t heard about this fierce and intriguing book, I'd recommend you check out the details of today's Release Day Blitz, below. PLEASE NOTE: This blitz includes a giveaway for a complete signed paperback set (4 books), a $10 Amazon… Continue reading Dominion Rising (Rockstar Book Tours)

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Yesterday, by Sam Yann (Historical Romance Review)

  Yesterday, by Sam Yann is a tale of romance that dates back to past lifetimes. Amanda Parker, a keen lover of history and antiquities, winds up in hospital after saving a policeman’s (Mark Callahan) life during a train crash. From this point on, the pair are drawn to one-another and begin to seek answers to the overwhelming sense of familiarity that binds them. I found Amanda’s character to be timid and quiet, never grasping… Continue reading Yesterday, by Sam Yann (Historical Romance Review)

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Words We Never Speak (Metaphysical Romance Review)

  Set in Windham Springs, Words We Never Speak , by Scarlet Darkwood is a mysterious tale that follows Kit, conservation manager of her local Historical Society. A somewhat tortured soul, Kit is forced to make a stand when the building she loves and works in is threatened to be torn down. Every page of this book made me feel something. At times I found myself in awe of just how realistic and complex and main characters… Continue reading Words We Never Speak (Metaphysical Romance Review)

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An Unexpected Afterlife, by Dan Sofer:

Set in East Jerusalem, An Unexpected Afterlife follows the journey of Moshe Karlin, a forty year old husband and father, who awakens from the grave two years after unknowingly leaving the world of the living, to find that he has been replaced by supposed best friend, Avi. As we learn more about Moshe’s predicament, others in his situation begin to appear, none any the wiser to the cause of their resurrection. I found Moshe’s character… Continue reading An Unexpected Afterlife, by Dan Sofer:

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Living the Good Death, by Scott Baron:

Scott Baron is a master storyteller. Never a dull moment. He has re-kindled my love of literature. Living the Good Death, by Scott Baron is a fantasy novel unlike any other. Imagine being Death, but having been robbed of your supernatural abilities. The girl who thinks she is death (AKA Dorothy) finds herself stranded in the world of the living with no power, money, and no way to return to the realm of the dead.… Continue reading Living the Good Death, by Scott Baron: