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A Daffodil for Angie (Historical Fiction/YA Review)

Good afternoon fellow #booklovers, today I'm reviewing A Daffodil for Angie, by Connie Lacy, author of Time Telephone, and VisionSight- A Novel. ISBN: 978- 0- 9996084-0-1  |  Publisher: Wild Falls Publishing (2017) |  Genre: YA / Historical Fiction 'The message of this novel will stay with me for life. A Daffodil for Angie is one of those rare literary jewels.’ Set in the late 1960s, the reader follows Angie, a teen with a beauty queen… Continue reading A Daffodil for Angie (Historical Fiction/YA Review)

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SYMBIOTE Launches!

Good morning you beautiful bookworms! 😀 Merry Christmas & OR Happy Holidays to you all!   Today is the official launch day of Symbiote, Book #2 of The Peradon Fantasy Series. I'm beyond thrilled to have this fantasy sequel completed after two years of continuous hard work. If you'd like to know more about Symbiote, simply continue reading this post. To save the one you love, be prepared to risk it all. Five years have… Continue reading SYMBIOTE Launches!

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Yesterday, by Sam Yann (Historical Romance Review)

  Yesterday, by Sam Yann is a tale of romance that dates back to past lifetimes. Amanda Parker, a keen lover of history and antiquities, winds up in hospital after saving a policeman’s (Mark Callahan) life during a train crash. From this point on, the pair are drawn to one-another and begin to seek answers to the overwhelming sense of familiarity that binds them. I found Amanda’s character to be timid and quiet, never grasping… Continue reading Yesterday, by Sam Yann (Historical Romance Review)

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Words We Never Speak (Metaphysical Romance Review)

  Set in Windham Springs, Words We Never Speak , by Scarlet Darkwood is a mysterious tale that follows Kit, conservation manager of her local Historical Society. A somewhat tortured soul, Kit is forced to make a stand when the building she loves and works in is threatened to be torn down. Every page of this book made me feel something. At times I found myself in awe of just how realistic and complex and main characters… Continue reading Words We Never Speak (Metaphysical Romance Review)

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September Sky (A Review)

September Sky by John. A. Heldt September Sky takes the idea of time travel to a whole new level. In this thrilling adventure, reporter Charles Townsend and son Justin are offered the chance of a lifetime by an eccentric Professor Bell. The story was believable and recounted several types of transitional periods that we experience in life. The writing style flowed well and conveyed every subtle emotion of the main characters. Strong females are a… Continue reading September Sky (A Review)