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The Warlock’s Nemesis (A Fantasy Review)

The Warlock’s Nemesis, by Alena Des: Betrayal, Magic, Undying Love. ‘The Warlock’s Nemesis is a rare jewel of a book.’   In The Warlock’s Nemesis, a fantasy novel, we follow young Alice through a series of unexpected and truly remarkable events. The novel begins with a mysterious conversation, followed by a virus which spreads through… Continue reading The Warlock’s Nemesis (A Fantasy Review)

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Rotten Magic (Fantasy Review)

Rotten Magic, by Jeffrey Bardwell: In the year 491, young Devin dreams of becoming a Journeyman, but fate has something-else in store. Throughout the book, we’re presented with two voices in Devin’s head, viewed as entirely separate entities. These are ‘The Mage’ and ‘The Artificer.’ While one voice appears to encourage magical antics, the other… Continue reading Rotten Magic (Fantasy Review)