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Rogue Mountains (A Paranormal Fantasy Review)

The Rogue Mountains, by Joshua Tarquinio:

I’ve never read a novel quite like this. 5 stars. Wonderfully imaginative.

Today, I’m reviewing Rogue Mountains, by Joshua Tarquinio, a novel set in the small town surrounded by mountains, where demonic creatures lurk. Twenty years since some mysterious events in Pittsburgh, these hellish abominations begin to grow in number, attacking whoever dares to step foot in their territory.

There were a lot of characters in this book and it was sometimes a chore to remember who was who. Our main figures are Jessica (a seductive local), Del Balentine (professional monster hunter), Jeremy (a young musician), Ariana (a future monster hunter), and lastly Mara (a supernatural being that dwells on Witch Mountain.)

All of these characters possess unique skills that serve them in this land of monsters, but it is their sense of strength and determination to be rid of these hellish creatures that binds them as friends and allies.

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Tarquinio paints a vivid picture of how the locals have become accustomed to such creatures. Most townsfolk act in a casual manner, as though their circumstances were a normal, everyday thing to experience. We see the town’s meagre population dwindle as they strive to evolve, to adapt to their dangerous new world. The tension hardly ever lets up and kept me reading, eager for more bloodshed.

Nymphs, witches, demons, and incredible monsters are just some of the dangers the townsfolk face.

Overall, this made for an intriguing story that made good use of imagery, kept my attention, and took my imagination on a rollercoaster ride.

Rated 5 stars.
Recommended to lovers of urban fantasy and dystopian novels.


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Chromosomes, by Ashleigh Reynolds (Review)

515CS+Nl4qL._UY250_Emma only wants to make a new life for herself when she finds herself trapped with a hulking nightmare. I warmed to her character quickly, though at times I feel like she lost her inner fire. Her new companion, a giant teenage boy she nick-names Green Eyes, appears psychotic one moment and calm and sensitive the next.

The development of the pair’s friendship is beautifully crafted as the story progresses. Despite their extreme differences, they resolve to aid each-other in their quest for freedom. There is no shortage of action, gore, or surprises. This story felt like a whirlwind with its fast pace and demonstrated exactly why you should never judge a book by its cover.

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I would easily rate this 5 stars.

Recommended for lovers of Sci-Fi, Thrillers, and Fantasy.