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Bound by Steel, by Connie Lafortune (Action-Romance Review)

‘Bound by Steel enveloped me in a world of intense, raw emotional need.’
(Daccari Buchelli.)

Told in rare second person perspective, Bound by Steel tells the tale of Alpha-type secret military operative, Ryker Steel, and Lyra- a book-loving young woman whom Ryker saves when Lyra crashes her car near his top-secret cabin.

As I read past Ryker and Lyra’s initial encounter, I saw a natural chemistry start to develop between the pair. It was as though they already knew each-other and this feeling persisted, if not increased as time went on.

Abject loneliness sparks an intense connection between the pair, leaving them at the mercy of their own emotions. I found it easy to relate to Lyra’s character with her intense interest in books, and the arts in general. However, I found it hard to share in Ryker’s profound sense of pain, considering the tragic past he has lived through.
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What I did find refreshing was Ryker’s growing emotional sensitivity throughout the novel. Whereas most Alpha-male characters seem like the rest, locking down any emotion and only lusting after women and power (makes for rather one-dimensional male characters in my opinion), Ryker Steel has a softer side, which he buries three years prior to the start of the story’s events.

This man has witnessed some truly tragic events.

This book was a refreshing change from the novels I usually find myself reading.
Not just another Alpha story, but a complex narrative that deals in themes of
love, loss, and personal sacrifice.

My rating? 5 Stars!
Recommended reading age: 16-18 and up.

Recommended for lovers of romance, action/thrillers, and light-erotica.


Thank you for reading my review of Bound by Steel.
I hope you have a good week.

~ Mr D. Buchelli.




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#Let’s Read Indie (2018 Book Challenge)


Welcome fellow bookworms, 📚bookaholics, bibliophiles, book nerds, bookstagrammers, 📚 book bloggers, and all those who just love a good book!

2018 is THE year to start reading Indie!

Should we make this a new trend?

Oh, hell yes! 😊 😊 😊


Because there are so MANY Indie books out there that DO deserve some recognition. Having been an online book reviewer for the past year, I’ve read many Indie Titles, with 90% of them proving to be as good or better than today’s leading titles.

This year, I want to shout to the whole world that I am an avid supporter of Indie Authors & Indie Artists! ❤ ❤ ❤

So come on, whether you’re an #avidreader, #bookreviewer, #bookstagrammer, #bookblogger, #booknerd, or #bookaholic, start reading Indie Titles Now! 📚📚📚

Indie Author List

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Rogue Mountains (A Paranormal Fantasy Review)

The Rogue Mountains, by Joshua Tarquinio:

I’ve never read a novel quite like this. 5 stars. Wonderfully imaginative.

Today, I’m reviewing Rogue Mountains, by Joshua Tarquinio, a novel set in the small town surrounded by mountains, where demonic creatures lurk. Twenty years since some mysterious events in Pittsburgh, these hellish abominations begin to grow in number, attacking whoever dares to step foot in their territory.

There were a lot of characters in this book and it was sometimes a chore to remember who was who. Our main figures are Jessica (a seductive local), Del Balentine (professional monster hunter), Jeremy (a young musician), Ariana (a future monster hunter), and lastly Mara (a supernatural being that dwells on Witch Mountain.)

All of these characters possess unique skills that serve them in this land of monsters, but it is their sense of strength and determination to be rid of these hellish creatures that binds them as friends and allies.

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Tarquinio paints a vivid picture of how the locals have become accustomed to such creatures. Most townsfolk act in a casual manner, as though their circumstances were a normal, everyday thing to experience. We see the town’s meagre population dwindle as they strive to evolve, to adapt to their dangerous new world. The tension hardly ever lets up and kept me reading, eager for more bloodshed.

Nymphs, witches, demons, and incredible monsters are just some of the dangers the townsfolk face.

Overall, this made for an intriguing story that made good use of imagery, kept my attention, and took my imagination on a rollercoaster ride.

Rated 5 stars.
Recommended to lovers of urban fantasy and dystopian novels.


Thank you for reading my latest review.
I hope you’re having a pleasant week.  🙂





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Going All In (An Erotic Mystery Review)

Going All In, by Stephanie. C. Lyons-Keeley, and Wayne. J. Keeley:


‘Erotic teasing leads to obsession.’

Set in New Fairfield, Connecticut (a destination well known for its terrible crimes and paranormal experiences), Going All In by author couple Stephanie and Wayne Keeley follows three suburban couples looking to spice up their weekly poker games, not to mention their love lives.

The first few lines of the novel instantly intrigued me- ‘Someone was dead. There was no doubt about it.’ This short, clever phrase had me hooked and intrigued me enough that I couldn’t help but to eagerly turn the pages, seeking answers to all of the questions now popping into my mind.

Three couples exist within the novel: Thomas and Scarlet, Katie and Steve, and Erin and Marty. During one of the group’s weekly poker games, a suggestion is made that the winner of each match choose any player (except for their spouse) to spend the night with.

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At first, no-one seems sure of the idea, with the exception of Marty, a man who seems eager to commit as many adulterous acts as possible. I had no love for this character and honestly hoped that he would be the one to die at the end. His crude way of thinking, in addition to how he treated his wife throughout the novel was horrendous.

On the other hand, Steve’s character appears to be the most morally conscious, for he is the last to even consider the suggestion of sleeping with another person’s spouse. Despite what appears to be a dead-end marriage, Steve has major qualms about entering into such an agreement. Of all the characters, he was the most pure, hiding emotions of great desire and pain while trying to do the right thing by everyone. He never allows himself to act upon his emotions, no matter how cloying they may become. In all honestly, I was rooting for something good to come his way throughout the novel.

I loved the way in which the authors were able to foreshadow so much with so few words, e.g. after Scarlet seductively teases Marty’s character- ‘She had a bad feeling that she’d set something in motion that night, something that couldn’t be stopped.’ Immediately, I got the sense that something bad would happen, something final and set in stone. I recall the hairs raising on my arms as I read this phrase. It truly chilled me to my core.

The novel made for an enjoyable erotic comedy read, with sections that branched off into far darker territory.

Much darker themes such as childhood abuse and murder are afoot, but they aren’t the only negative themes displayed in this book. We also see the three female protagonists treated frequently as though their self-worth comes only from their physical appearance.

While this is a realistic viewpoint within our modern society, it seemed off that so many married men (friends no less) would feel so cold toward their wives, seeing them only as pieces of meat at times. Even the caring and morally conscious Steve seems more interested in a woman’s looks than in her brains. I feel that the stereotypical portrayal of men may have been a little too so, showing men of varying ages as all being the same. It made their characters appear not only shallow, but hollow too, as if there were no personality there besides wanton lust, except perhaps for Steve (on occasion.)

The main focal point of the men’s lust is Scarlet, a twenty-something year old blonde with luscious fake breasts that men can’t help but to gawk at. But, Scarlet is so much more than a nice body. We see her display a vast range of emotions, from lust to terror. She attempts to reach out to Steve at one point in the novel, seeking meaning and true companionship in her dismal life. Although Steve clearly has affections for Scarlet, he rebuffs her.

However, one man who never rebuffs Scarlet is Marty, though he is the last person Scarlet wants to become close with.

It is ultimately her beauty that drives Marty’s character to become obsessed with her as he is increasingly unable to separate their erotic poker games from his own reality.
Overall, Going All In made for a gripping novel with many complex themes. There wasn’t a wasted word and it is certainly a story which can be analysed from many angles. These two authors have an amazing gift for storytelling, particularly when it comes to creating vivid images within the mind, e.g. ‘…that hissed of death in the air; visceral, yet at the same time palpable, like the sight of the Grim Reaper’s scythe.’ This phrase paints an intricate picture of the author’s subject and stayed with me throughout the book.

Despite a rather abrupt ending, where little is said about the death of one of the main characters, this was by far one of my favourite reads of 2017.


Rated 5 stars, and recommended to lovers of erotica, romantic comedies, and mystery novels.


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The EF76 Strain (Zombie Sci-Fi Review)

The EF76 Strain, by Howard Dunkley:

‘A dark and invigorating short read.’

Good morning fellow bookworms.  🙂

Today, I’d like to share my review of The EF76 Strain, by Howard Dunkley.
I’ve always been a fan of zombie-related films and novels, so let’s dive in.

The EF76 Strain
chronicles the life of residents of a small town after a strange virus begins to infect the human population. More specifically, the story follows Steven Wright as he traverses through the zombie hordes in his hometown.

From a pill that was created to help reduce hunger, (to help conserve food due to a food shortage) we see severe reactions, which transform neighbours and loved ones into vicious, bloodthirsty cannibals.

This classic zombie apocalypse style tale was not only stimulating, but thought provoking.

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It felt a lot more realistic, as though I could one day find myself in a similar situation, unlike with most zombie tales I have read. Its fast pace kept me hooked, with a beginning loaded with tension.
Overall, a gripping tale that made my heart pound.

Rated a solid 4 stars.
Recommended to lovers of sci-fi, and zombie novels.


I hope you enjoyed my review and wish you all an amazing day.

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Yesterday, by Sam Yann (Historical Romance Review)


Yesterday, by Sam Yann is a tale of romance that dates back to past lifetimes. Amanda Parker, a keen lover of history and antiquities, winds up in hospital after saving a policeman’s (Mark Callahan) life during a train crash. From this point on, the pair are drawn to one-another and begin to seek answers to the overwhelming sense of familiarity that binds them.

I found Amanda’s character to be timid and quiet, never grasping what she wants with both hands, whereas Mark Callahan’s character appeared almost roguish, so certain of himself and his decisions. The pair’s slowly blossoming relationship shows a stark contrast in their personalities that works for them, as though Amanda is the yin to Mark’s yang.

I loved the change in time periods, from modern day back to South Carolina in the mid to late 1800s. Author Sam Yann has dug deep with their research. I found myself learning a lot about South Carolina in the 1800s as much of this story is based upon historical fact. Such facts are the inclusion of St. Michael’s chimes, St. Michael’s church, and Daniel Burnham (who the character of Daniel in the book is based off of: 1846 – 1912,) among various others.

sam yann.jpg
Yann possesses a unique grasp of language which helps to create vivid images in the reader’s mind. Mystery lurked in every page of this book as the romance between Amanda and Mark continues to build. I looked forward to each glimpse of the pair’s past lives, wondering who their former selves would appear as.

Bonnie (Amanda’s past self) and Daniel (Mark’s past self) seem to find each-other in every life, with Bonnie’s sweet and timid nature comparable to Amanda’s own, and Daniel’s roguish charm and self-assuredness mimicking Mark’s own traits in the modern day. It just goes to show that our souls rarely change and still seek out their true mate in each life. The very notion of this is incredibly romantic in my view.

I had but one dislike when it came to this novel. Though I loved every moment, I felt as though the middle of the book could have done with being faster-paced in places, but that is only a matter of opinion and another read may feel differently.

Yesterday possesses a light-hearted tone when being read, with occasional moments of tension that build up at just the right times, for maximum dramatic and emotional effect. The author’s style blew me away. With just the right amount of description, they were able to plunge me back into a time I have never experienced personally. Since reading Yesterday, I feel as though I’ve briefly stepped into South Carolina in the late 1800s as Yann’s summary of the time and place seemed so vivid to me.

The sense of love and selflessness I got from this remarkable book had me floating on air (figuratively speaking) for several days. A truly gripping and romantic read that will toy with your every emotion. I think this book would appeal most to lovers of historical-romances, dramas, and light sci-fi.

Rated 5 stars.


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Utopia: Book #1: Secrets of Aurora (Sci-Fi Review)

Utopia is an action-packed tale of secrets, and preservation of the
human population when life surrounding Earth enters a new age.

Utopia, a Young Adult Science Fiction novel, by L. J. Higgins follows sixteen-year-old Aurora as she and a team of rebel outcasts seek to expose the truth regarding Earth’s destruction, prior to the creation of four floating cities in which Utopia is included.

The idea of having four floating cities had me in awe. Not since Laputa, Castle in the Sky (an animated film produced by Studio Ghibli) have I experienced such a wondrous world-building phenomena such as this. I have always dreamt of flying and getting to live within such a city, however, Utopia would not be my ideal home.


Three words- The Elite Guard.

Many secrets are kept from Aurora on her perilous journey to uncover the truth. The Elite Guard (essentially the military forces around the four cities) seek to stop her from revealing the truth at every turn, even resorting to murder to fulfil their goals.

With her best friend Fletcher at her side, Aurora is eventually able to learn the truth, not just about the condition of Earth and what befell it, but about why she was hunted by The Elite Guard to begin with.

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Aurora’s courage, bravery and resilience had me egging on the rebels from the very start. She bonds quickly with the rebel group and soon becomes like a member of their joint family. With that being said, Aurora’s relationship with Fletcher is a sweet and caring one with plenty of banter thrown into the mix. Fletcher is always there to protect Aurora throughout the novel, even if protecting her means defying his own family and risking his life. I loved everything about their friendship and eagerly await the sequel.


My rating? 5 stars.

Recommended for lovers of fantasy and dystopian novels.





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Ripper, by Hannah Howe (Mystery Review)

Book Four in The Sam Smith Mystery Series (Hannah Howe) sees our young female detective (Sam Smith) on the hunt for a brutal killer. Prostitutes are being picked off of the streets, only to meet their doom at the hands of someone the Cardiff authorities call The Cardiff Jack.

As usual, I found nothing to fault with Hannah Howe’s work. Each Sam Smith novel hooks me from the start, drawing me deeper into Sam’s world. I now feel like I’ve known Sam all my life: her successes and failures are now my own. Her sense of spirit always works to lift my mood, as does Howe’s beautifully detailed work, in general.

Howe also has a particular gift for imagery and makes excellent use of the five main human senses, to give the reader the sensation that they are actually present in the events of her stories.

Check out Ripper on
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Howe had me guessing the whole way through. I had no idea who our mysterious killer was and found myself shocked upon the discovery of the killer’s identity.

If you enjoy tales of love, loss, and deadly revenge, then I’d definitely recommend Ripper.


My rating? 5 stars.
Recommended For: Lovers of Thrillers, crime, and mystery novels.

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Words We Never Speak (Metaphysical Romance Review)


Set in Windham Springs, Words We Never Speak , by Scarlet Darkwood is a mysterious tale that follows Kit, conservation manager of her local Historical Society. A somewhat tortured soul, Kit is forced to make a stand when the building she loves and works in is threatened to be torn down.

Every page of this book made me feel something. At times I found myself in awe of just how realistic and complex and main characters felt. At others, I could feel Kit’s terror as the mysteries of this novel deepened.


I enjoyed the supernatural elements involved. I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for anything related to supernatural phenomenon, although my moral compass didn’t know where to stand on the matter of Kit’s multiple love interests.

The fast pace of the book kept me intrigued, as did the clues that popped up gradually throughout. Each time something  new was found, terrifying Kit, the tension spiked, drawing me deeper into this fictional world.

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The more intimate scenes were beautifully written and embraced the sensuality of mankind, rather than being overly graphic like most modern love scenes. Words We Never Speak is a thrilling tale of loss, love, and determination to save something dear to your heart, even in the face of near certain defeat.
Rated 5 stars.

Recommended for lovers of mystery, the
paranormal/supernatural, and metaphysical romance.




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An Unexpected Afterlife, by Dan Sofer:

Set in East Jerusalem, An Unexpected Afterlife follows the journey of Moshe Karlin, a forty year old husband and father, who awakens from the grave two years after unknowingly leaving the world of the living, to find that he has been replaced by supposed best friend, Avi.

As we learn more about Moshe’s predicament, others in his situation begin to appear, none any the wiser to the cause of their resurrection. I found Moshe’s character to be kind and humble, a true gentleman seeking to do what is right by his fellow man.

Lots of differing viewpoints were shown in regards to the subject of resurrection: some individuals branded it as science fiction and shunned our main characters, while a few accepted their tales of woe and were willing to help them back onto their feet.

Loss, love, and betrayal are key themes that I was able to identify.

Find it on Goodreads, HERE:

The author’s style was poetic and gave the impression that every word was carefully chosen for maximum emotional impact. His words formed beautiful images within my mind, as well as some not so beautiful.

A tale of life, death, and true rebirth.

Rated 5 stars.
Recommended for lovers of the paranormal.