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Teachings of a Shaman (Book Review)

Teachings of a Shaman Book Cover Teachings of a Shaman
Corey Stultz
General Fiction
Halcyon Press
July 13th, 2018 (Pre-Published)

When Dwayne Rader gets caught stealing to support his heroin habit, a judge mandates he complete a drug treatment program in Arizona, but on his second day there, he's accidentally knocked unconscious and abandoned by his group in the middle of the desert!

When he comes to, sheer terror floods through his body!  He has no food, no water, and no idea where he is.  Although his demise seems inevitable, he's rescued in the nick of time by a Navajo shaman named Rising Water.  But when Rising Water asks what his name is, he doesn't know; he can't remember!

Sympathetic of Dwayne's dilemma, Rising Water insists he live with him until his memory returns.  The pair of them bond almost immediately.  Before long, a father-son relationship develops.  In his new role, Rising Water proudly mentors Dwayne, and Dwayne absorbs his teachings like a sponge.

Ultimately, he proves to be such an amazing prodigy that Rising Water makes him a shaman, and bestows upon him the unfathomable powers that accompany the all-important title - powers that he must master very quickly!  For there's no way anyone could've anticipated the life-or-death situation that's awaiting him just around the corner!  

‘A thought provoking and inspiring read. A story of true determination, camaraderie, and self sacrifice.’

Teachings of a Shamanby Corey Stultz is a novel chronicling the life of Dwayne, a man with a good, honest heart that sadly became addicted to Heroine.

In an attempt to come clean, for both his fiancée, in-laws, and himself, Dwayne (at the request of a court judge) enters into a specialist rehabilitation programme, where he is to spend nine months without the influence of drugs.

I enjoyed this novel even more than I initially thought I would. Dwayne’s character was likeable, and relatable in a way that spoke to the deepest reaches of my core-self. His third person narrative sheds light on his unusual predicament from many angles and perspectives, painting him as both a felon, and a saint at separate points in the story.

I genuinely found myself feeling sorry for Dwayne, because he seems like a nice enough guy, his only flaw being his over-use of drugs toward the story’s start. Otherwise, he comes across as a generous and selfless individual that just wants to have a greater purpose in life.


Dwayne’s rehabilitation doesn’t go to plan, forcing him to draw on his inner-wisdom as he survives with amnesia in a harsh desert environment with only his basic human instincts. He soon befriends a Native-American Shaman, named Chief Rising Water. The chief quickly became my favourite character. I loved how literally he took forms of modern expression as I tend to view them literally myself.

Dwayne’s bond with the elderly Shaman is like that of a son to his father and over the course of several years, Dwayne becomes wiser and learns how ‘To find inner peace… you must look inside yourself… you must look at the things you can change, not at the things you can’t!’

The bond between Chief Rising Water and Dwayne (Running Bird, as the Chief refers to him)  is a strong, eternal link that fills Dwayne with a surreal happiness unlike any other.

This inspirational book is a shining testament to all that is good. So many wise and inspiring quotes fills its pages that I felt as though Chief Rising Water was mentoring me, and not Dwayne.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a positive and wisdom-fuelled read.

Rated: 5 Stars! (Recommended by Amazon!)


Now, I leave you with one final quote: ‘Problems are like raindrops. They will come throughout life no matter what; you can’t stop them. It’s how you choose to deal with them when they arrive that will determine whether you find inner peace, or not.’

Thank you so much for reading my review of Teachings of a Shaman.
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I cannot recommend this book enough! 


Thank you for reading my review of Teachings of a Shaman.
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