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The Best Day Ever (DOAB, Entry #1)

The Best Day Ever (Diary of a Bookworm, Entry #1)

Good afternoon you busy bookworms. ^_^

Today has been an amazing day. My partner and I  went to visit his family in a neighbouring village, and on the bus ride there, I actually came up with the idea for a novel based on my experiences of growing up, as both an Autistic and Transgender individual.


Eeeeek! ^_^
Just another book to add to my ever-growing list of writing projects.

I also spent some of my morning querying literary agents via the #MSWL (Manuscript Wish List) hashtag on Twitter, and have my fingers crossed that Phoenix will catch someone’s eye.

So, what could top off such an incredible day, you might ask?
How about a trip to The Works (UK Book and Stationery Store), where I found some gorgeous new notebooks, and a few new reads for my paperback collection. ^_^

And…. Book Post, featuring James Fahy’s Hell’s Teeth. ^_^
Eeeeek! (Okay, now I sound like a mouse.) xD Hehe.

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Today has truly been a cracker!
I hope you’re all having an amazing week.

Remember: Embrace the Weird & Wonderful.

~ Daccari.




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