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The EF76 Strain (Zombie Sci-Fi Review)

The EF76 Strain, by Howard Dunkley:

‘A dark and invigorating short read.’

Good morning fellow bookworms.  🙂

Today, I’d like to share my review of The EF76 Strain, by Howard Dunkley.
I’ve always been a fan of zombie-related films and novels, so let’s dive in.

The EF76 Strain
chronicles the life of residents of a small town after a strange virus begins to infect the human population. More specifically, the story follows Steven Wright as he traverses through the zombie hordes in his hometown.

From a pill that was created to help reduce hunger, (to help conserve food due to a food shortage) we see severe reactions, which transform neighbours and loved ones into vicious, bloodthirsty cannibals.

This classic zombie apocalypse style tale was not only stimulating, but thought provoking.

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It felt a lot more realistic, as though I could one day find myself in a similar situation, unlike with most zombie tales I have read. Its fast pace kept me hooked, with a beginning loaded with tension.
Overall, a gripping tale that made my heart pound.

Rated a solid 4 stars.
Recommended to lovers of sci-fi, and zombie novels.


I hope you enjoyed my review and wish you all an amazing day.

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