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The Impossible Creation, by Betsy Flak (Review)

The Impossible Creation (Prequel) Book Cover The Impossible Creation (Prequel)
The Clan-Vampire Clash
Betsy Flak
Mystery, Thriller, Fantasy

Would you risk your life to save a stranger?

Discover the epic start to the YA paranormal series redefining the battle between vampires and vampire hunters.

The Impossible Creation 
follows a range of supernatural creatures, beginning with a pair of vampires as they stalk their latest prey. Duncan and Adara made for an odd couple and didn’t appear to share the same goals and ideals as we may expect those of the same minority to.

Out two main heroines are Lucy, a warrior and university student, and Grace, a young high-school student that has secretly been dating her best friend’s crush. I felt that Grace’s character had a lot more personality than Lucy. You could feel every one of Grace’s emotions as they developed, but Lucy remained quite difficult to read.

While some events felt a bit disjointed from each other, rest assured that this book comes to a surprising and dramatic conclusion that makes this read worth the wait.

I would rate this 3.5 stars.
Recommended for fans of Young Adult Fantasy and Paranormal novels.



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