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The Magic of Fairies

Good Afternoon you B-E-A-Utiful Bookworms. ^_^
How are we all this wonderful day?

This morning, I dragged myself from my bed, slinging on the first shirt I could find. My eyes ached- hell, EVERYTHING ached, but I switched on my laptop without complaint.

As I sat reading, tucking into a bowl of dark chocolate topped cereal, I began to think more deeply about the idea of the traditional Irish Fae, and how stories of mythical creatures came to be. That’s when my mind began to fixate on fairies.

What is it about fairies that have enchanted us (as humans) for so long. Is it the idea of their miniature size, their gossamer wings, or their unusual features, with hair of many lengths and shades?

Or is it the idea of the two warring clans ~ The Seelie (Considered good), and the Unseelie (Considered Bad) Fairies?

For as long as I’ve lived (so far, that is), I’ve been fascinated by all mythological beings. Be they Greek, Norse, or otherwise in origin, you’ll find me instantly hooked if you speak about them. Some of my favourite mythological creatures include:

Out of all of these examples, why do fairies still resonate with us as humans, more so than many other mythological beings? I believe the answer lies in how similar they are said to be to us, with humanoid forms on a much smaller scale, their perceived cheekiness only aiding their supposed sweet nature.

But, have you ever studied the darker side of fairies, the kind of fairies liable to rip your flesh apart with it’s teeth. Then look no further than Hellboy II. One of my all time favourite film brands, Hellboy, shows the darker side of Fae nature, with an Elven Prince and Princess (Twins) who couldn’t be more different.

But, I digress ~ back to the fairies.

In Hellboy II (The Golden Army), these ‘Tooth Fairies,’ as they are ironically named, are seen tearing people limb from limb, starting with the strongest points of calcium in the human body ~ TEETH!

These dark and sadistic Fae creatures have no remorse when they bury their razor sharp claws and teeth into the flesh of their victims, bringing excruciating agony upon them. I actually enjoyed seeing a darker side to the Fae and still do. I think we need to unearth more of this dark and insidious side, to create stories we can not only be entranced by, but be horrified with at the same time.

hellboy fairies

Let us explore both the good and the bad, for everything in nature must be balanced. After all, we cannot have good without evil, nor can we have light without the darkness.

Let us embrace this darker side of Fairies (and the Fae in general).

I hope you enjoyed my passionate ramblings, for there’s sure to be more of these to come.

~ Daccari.

Reviewing Soon: Stone Circle, by Kate Murdoch



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